[Oferta Hotel Cumpătu] 1 May 2014 with campfire and wine tasting

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Easter did not go well, we started to make plans for the mini-vacation 1th May 2014. Most choose the sea, the Romanian coast, the foreign coast, exotic destinations, but I choose the mountain. I grew up near the Danube and I'm tired of the water and the sea, so I always prefer the mountain.

I'll be again #calatorpevaleaprahovei and I'll stop at Hotel Cumpătu. An 1 more 2014 is announced with campfire and wine tasting (Halewood wineries), with Romanian dinner, boiled rum, boiled wine, cold beer and I hope we have a good time.

If you are tired of the sea, come to the mountain. Hotel Cumpătu has prepared two packages for 1th May 2014: One with 3 nights accommodation, and the second with 4 nights accommodation.

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