1 million passengers at Avram Iancu - Cluj International Airport

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"Avram Iancu" Cluj International Airport celebrated, on 23 May 2019, its passenger with the number 1.000.000 registered in the year 2019. The threshold of 1 million passengers was reached a day earlier compared to the year 2018. It follows that Cluj International Airport is on an increasing trend in passenger air traffic.

"Avram Iancu" Cluj International Airport reaches, for the ninth time in its history, the threshold of 1 million passengers record in a calendar year. It is a very important achievement, which is due both to the strategy of developing the airport infrastructure and to expanding the route network by intensifying the negotiations with the airline operators.  

Passenger 1 000 000

In the first 5 months of the year 2019 two new routes from the airport were launched. One is London Gatwick (from 31 to March 2019), and the other is London Southend (from 2 to April 2019). But the frequencies of flights on some existing routes have also increased.


RYANAIR is the new airline with regular flights to London Southend. Last but not least, the 2019 summer season brings many charter flights.

Passenger with number 1.000.000 was transported this year by the air operator Ryanair, on flight FR 2698 (London - Cluj-Napoca.

Lucky passenger, Carmen Mariana Bolba, was selected during the flight and awarded upon arrival at the airport.

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