10 years since the recall of Concorde aircraft

Concorde aircraft withdrawal (video)

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Concord it was a masterpiece of aeronautical engineering, a technological wonder, but also the largest financial disaster in aviation history. The Concorde Story I told you about it in January 2013.

Withdrawal of Concorde aircraft

In the autumn of this year, 10 has been celebrated since the withdrawal of Concorde aircraft from the operating system. Air France and British Airways, the only air carriers who "enjoyed" the services of this plane, gave up on 2003, 3 years after the only and tragic accident that resulted in 113 victims (100 of passengers, 9 crew members and 4 people on the ground) , from 25 July 2000. The financial crisis, the attacks from 11 September 2001, the lack of orders and many other problems that came along were also contributed to this decision. Plus the smaller number of passengers who were willing to pay the pipered ticket price.

Air France withdrew the Concorde aircraft fleet in the summer of 2003, the last commercial flight being operated on 30 more on the New York - Paris route. The last flight of a Concorde Air France aircraft was operated on 27 June 2003, when Concorde (F-BVFC) that retreats to Toulouse.

British Airways held a farewell tour in North America in October 2003. On 1 October 2003, Concorde (G-BOAG) arrived at the airport Toronto Pearson International, and the next one on the list was New York John F. Kennedy International. On 8 October 2013, Concorde (G-BOAD) landed at the airport Boston Logan International. On 14 October, Concorde (G-BOAG) arrived at the airport Washington Dulles International.

The fastest transatlantic flight was on the Heathrow - New York JFK route, at 7 February 1996, recording 2h: 52m: 59s.

Among those who paid 20 000 dollars and enjoyed the amenities of the Concorde plane are: Elton John, Sting, Rod Stewart, Mick Jagger, Joan Collins, Luciano Pavarotti, Sean Connery, Robert Redford, Elizabeth Taylor, Joan Collins, Mike Tyson, Annie Lennox and Rod Stewart. From Romania, I learned that Ilie Nastase was a Concorde fan.

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