10 aviation information you probably didn't know

Aviation, like any other industry, has its curiosities and things less known by those who travel more or less frequently by plane.

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Oana Cristiana searched and compiled the most interesting and unusual (probably) unknown aspects of aviation.


10 aviation information

  • Flight attendants are prepared for the most varied situations, such as including assisting and assisting the birth of a baby during the flight. There is a chance that the little one will even get free transportation throughout his or her lifetime. Rare cases, but there were such important and beautiful events on the aircraft.
  • Shortest commercial flight it only takes 2 minutes and is operated between Westray and Westray Pope, 2 islands in the north of Scotland. I told you about this route before.
  • Commercial aircraft can fly without problems even if an engine fails. Although it is a situation we hope you will never encounter, if an engine is damaged, the aircraft can still reach the ground safely. Many planes even managed to land safely and without both engines! The most famous case is "US Airways Flight 1549" - The miracle on the Hudson River.

About the depressurization of the plane

  • In case of cabin depressurization, masks only give you oxygen for 15 minutes. Although it seems like a short time, it is enough for the plane to reach an altitude where you can breathe without assistance. Read more about pressurization / airplane depressurization!
  • In China, the 8 figure is considered lucky, and the Chinese use it every opportunity they can to bring good and success. This also applies to airlines, which use it in all kinds of combinations. For example, Singapore Airlines bookings on Chinese routes start with 8, Boeing has delivered 8.888 to Xiamen Airlines, and many intercontinental flights from China have numbers from 737: KL8 (Hong Kong). - Amsterdam), AC888 (Shanghai - Toronto) etc.
  • KLM is the oldest airline still operating under the same name it had at its founding, in 1919: Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij.
  • Cheapest airline tickets they are the ones that involve leaving on Tuesdays. Departing on a Saturday attracts the highest rates.
  • A (modified) Boeing 747 succeeded in carrying 1087 people during a rescue operation, close to 3 times more than its normal capacity.
  • To paint the exterior of an Airbus A380, the largest commercial aircraft, you need 3 600 liters of paint, which adds 600-1000 more to the weight of the aircraft!
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