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10 reasons to go on a city break in IASI

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IASI it's a special city for me. I liked it the first time I walked into it. Many years have passed since then, and I have continued to go and gather memories in the beautiful sprawling city on which 7 hills. I met a lot of people, and with one side I got to bond with friends. Every time I get to Iasi, I feel like I'm doing it for the first time. Although I saw some of it and had the opportunity to listen to many beautiful stories, I feel like I have a lot to discover in the beautiful "Fair of the Iesians".

If I can think better, I think IASI has attracted me a lot from the perspective of history and stories woven on these Moldovan lands. I believe that every Iasi knows at least one story with Ion Creangă, Eminescu or Cuza. And musai, all this to be listened to in a glass of wine.

Blue Air: Bucharest - IASI
Blue Air: Bucharest - IASI

If you haven't reached Iasi yet, you must go. From my experience, I will tell you 10 reasons to visit this city.

1. Bucharest - IASI, only 45 minutes by plane

The trip to Iasi starts with the road. Since he opened Blue Air route Bucharest - Iasi, fares have dropped dramatically, and IASI came to be at 45-50 minutes from Bucharest. If I used to ride the train before and had to stand the rail for about 6-7 hours, now I choose the plane.

Bucharest, Iasi and Blue-Air

In some cases, the plane ticket is much cheaper compared to the train ticket. Taking the time and following the Blue Air promotion with 15% discount, I traveled at the rate of 215 lei / 2 persons / return flights and with all taxes and services included.

Offer Blue Air!

2. Accommodation: Hotel Unirea

IAI is not an expensive city. You will be surprised, but the prices are competitive for the region and sometimes even lower compared to Bucharest and we talk here about accommodation, cafes, restaurants, fun.

Hotel Unirea
Hotel Unirea

Hotel Unirea, which I wholeheartedly recommend, has a very good city break offer.

SPA City Break - ONLY lei

- Accommodation 2 nights - in double room (double / twin) - 2 persons;
- Rich and tasty breakfast, served in a Swedish buffet;
- Welcome tray for the first day of accommodation;
1 dinner (for 2 people) (Dinner will be served at Panoramic restaurant, with prior reservation. The menu will be specially created for this package) or 1 relaxation massage (for 2 persons) (The massage will be done at the Unirea SPA, based on a software);
10% discount at Panoramic Restaurant a la carte preparations;
Relaxing weekend at Unirea SPA with access to: indoor pool, heated saline, wet sauna, dry sauna, jacuzzi, cervical waterfall, emotional showers, ice fountain, cardio area, Union Gym;
- free parking.

Panoramic view Hotel Unirea
Panoramic view Hotel Unirea

It's hard to choose between massage and dinner, but I personally chose dinner. The view offered by the Panoramic Restaurant is unique. We enjoyed a romantic dinner for two, which was very beautiful, tasty and relaxing.

3. Discover the Moldovan cuisine

Now that we have solved with the road and accommodation, there are interesting parts to discover in IAI. The 3 reason is for the culinary side. I like the Moldovan cuisine with rolls, radish soup, sarmale with mălăguta, Moldovan stew, Moldovan mash, and at the end some Moldovan pot-n-bel, all extinguished with a wine from the wineries in the region. I tell you honestly, you lick your fingers! I'm not even telling you about the haiduc platter or the sheep herd. I'll let you discover yourself. We recommend the restaurant "The Conac", A place of Romanian tradition.

The Conac
The Conac

4. Wine tastings at the wineries in Iasi

Discover IASI through the prism of the Modena wine cellars. Go for wine tastings and bathe your taste buds in the holy liquor. Some recommended wineries: Gramma Winery, Bucium Wineries, Recaş Wineries, Cotnari Winery and many more.

5. Visit the Palace of Culture in IAŞI

After a hearty meal and a glass of energizing wine, let's start with IASI. We start with a visit to the Palace of Culture. The Palace of Culture in Iași is an emblematic building, built, during the 1906 - 1925 period, in the perimeter of the former Moldovan Medieval Court, on the site of the former Royal Palace.

Palace of Culture Iasi
Palace of Culture Iasi

Today, the Palace of Culture is the headquarters of the National Museum Complex "Moldova", which includes: The Museum of History of Moldova (1916), the Ethnographic Museum of Moldova (1943), the Museum of Art (1860), the Museum of Science and Technology "Ștefan Procopiu" ).

Palace of Culture Iasi
Palace of Culture Iasi

Almost eight years after the start of the repair and reconsolidation works, the Palace of Culture will be partially open to the public. From some information, the opening will be starting April 1. We hope it won't be a scam.

Once they have lowered the scaffolding, the Palace of Culture really looks great on the outside. We can hardly wait to discover it inside.

6. Follow the footsteps of the Unification of the Romanian Principalities

According to history, the Unification of the Romanian Principalities, known as the Little Union (the Great Union being the one from 1918), took place in the mid-19th century by uniting the states of Moldova and the Romanian Country under the name of the United Principalities of Moldova and the Romanian Country. The union was linked to the personality of Alexandru Ioan Cuza and to his election as ruler of both principalities at 5 January 1859 in Moldova and at 24 January 1859 in the Romanian Country.

The IASI Union Museum
Photo: / IASI Union Museum

Go visit the Union Museum in Iasi. You can find it at the address: Strada Alexandru Lăpușneanu, no. 14, very close to Hotel Unirea and Piata Unirii. “Romania was born in IASI!” (Florin Barhalescu).

7. Academic tour of IAŞULUI

Visit the University "Al.I.Cuza" and the Library of the Technical University "Gheorghe Asachi" (one of the most beautiful in the world). I would have liked to be a student again, but in IASI. The architecture is fantastic, and the library hosts over 1 million volumes. At the “Al.I.Cuza” University, you can discover the “Lost Steps Hall” with the mural paintings by Sabin Bălaşa.

We have something to be proud of.

8. Cultural tour of IAŞULUI

If you continue to reach IAI, you are not allowed to miss “Eminescu's Tea”, “Mihai Eminescu” Museum, Ion Creangă's Bojdeuca, “Vasile Alecsandri” National Theater, to which you add the above and many more. I recommend you walk and you will not get bored.

Eminescu's tea
Eminescu's tea
Ion Creanga's boyfriend
Ion Creanga's boyfriend
IASI National Theater
IASI National Theater

9. Tour of churches in Iasi

The city of Iasi includes most of the churches in Romania. A statistic shows the existence of 71 of places of worship, of which 30 are included in the list of historical monuments.

Among the most important: the Metropolitan Cathedral of Iasi, which bears the dedication of Saint Cuvioasa Parascheva (can be visited at any time); The Monastery of the Holy Three Hierarchs; The Roman Catholic Cathedral "Saint Virgin Mary, Queen".

10. The antique galleries Dumitru Grumăzescu

Mr. Grumăzescu is a craftsman, a great admirer of Eminescu and the owner of the Antiquarian Galleries Dumitru Grumăzescu from Lăpuşneanu street, number 24, Iaşi. You will be glad to hear unwritten stories about Eminescu, Ion Crangă, Cuza. Besides his vast culture, Mr. Grumăzescu has a impressive collection of liliput books, which can be easily held in the palm.

The piece of resistance is a book with the dimensions 3 x 3 mm and contains all the poetry "Luceafarul". It was written on special paper and with hair of ivy, and its reading can only be done under a microscope. If I have aroused your interest, I really recommend you to go and take time out of 2-3 hours. It has something to tell you!

These are the 10 big and wide reasons why I recommend you go to IASI. Writing these lines, I discovered that there is another reason, but about it in another article. In order to benefit from a very good and experienced travel guide, I recommend the gentleman Florin Barhalescu from Icar Tours.

Palas Iasi Palas Mall 2

Palas Iasi Palas Mall

Palas Iasi Palas Mall 1

You should also visit the mall in Iasi, discos and clubs, cafes and restaurants.

Photos taken with ASUS ZenFone Selfie and Lenovo Vibe For Z2! Article written on a ASUS ZenBook UX305!

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  1. You says

    The Minister of Culture told Realitatea TV that the Palace of Culture will open to the public on April 11th. It remains to be seen 🙂 I can't wait!

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      Yes! It seems that the situation is not very clear. And for the beginning, the palace will open, then the museums.

      Anyway, it is worth visiting even outside. It looks great without scaffolding. Now attract the tourists!

  2. eBogdan says

    Meanwhile, the Palace of Culture has been renovated and from April it can be fully visited viz

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      Well, it is written in large letters and mentioned this: D. I even gave a date since we estimate it will be visited!

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