10 things to know about Therme Bucharest (photo)

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Therme Bucharest inaugurates, on 1 December, the first salt library in Romania and the largest play area for the whole family.

Less than a year after its launch, Therme Bucharest, the largest relaxation, wellness and fun center in Europe and has some of the the most beautiful swimming pools in Bucharest. Galaxy body, intended for families, extends with a new area, with an area of 4.000 de metri pătrați.

The first salt library in Romania

Therm bucuresti

The total investment amounts to 10 million. With the expansion of the Galaxy body, the indoor capacity of the relaxation spaces in the center of Therme Bucharest increases with 1.000 of seats.

The main attraction is a building from Himalayan salt with chromotherapy and salt & light therapy, with two areas - an area dedicated to interactive games for all ages and an area dedicated to reading.

14 Playstation console

The gaming area is equipped with 14 Playstation console, interactive water games, illuminated benches, where parents can relax while the children are having fun and a 5X3,5 meter projection screen.

150 of books

The area dedicated to reading will have about 150 of booksas well as ebooks. The construction included 40 tons of salt, being the largest construction in Himalayan salt from Europe.

Therme Bucharest

But let's not prolong it. Below you have some figures about Therme București!

The largest relaxation, wellness and entertainment center in Europe

The total surface of the project, including the land related to the building, occupies an area of ​​over 250.000 sqm. The construction area, including the Galaxy extension, is over 34.000 square meters indoor. Therme Bucharest can accommodate 4.000 indoor visitors simultaneously. The largest green area in Romania in a relaxation complex

The total green area is 180.000 sqm.

The plants are brought from four continents and occupy both the inner surface and the outer gardens and terraces.

The largest botanical garden in Romania

With over 800.000 plants, Therme Bucharest is the largest indoor and outdoor botanical garden in Romania. 3.000 shrubs, about 1.400 palm trees - various species from all over the world -, 1.200 other tree species, over 600.000 flowers, 40.000 roses, 60.000 eunimus and other plants were planted. To ensure the necessary light of the exotic garden, the glazed spaces are spread on all facades of the building.

The largest sauna complex in Romania

The Therme Bucharest Center hosts 7 themed saunas and 4 wet saunas. Each sauna has a certain theme, a certain design and various rituals.

Visitors can enjoy here a ritual of wellness, aromatherapy and purification, called in German Aufguss - made by infusing solutions of aromatic oils on hot volcanic stones in the sauna.

A multisensory experience of Aufguss has beneficial effects on the body, including activating blood circulation, moisturizing the skin, strengthening the immune system, etc. The 11 saunas in the center have a total capacity of 410 visitors simultaneously.

The largest indoor palm plantation in Europe

The 1.400 palm trees from Therme Bucharest inside form the largest palm plantation in Europe. Trees are sourced from four continents and have undergone a complex process of acclimatization and care in the Netherlands for 700 days. Palm care is technologically controlled, these are permanently monitored on the computer, in terms of nutrients and humidity.

The oldest tree acclimatized in Romania

The "star" Therme is the Tree of Life tree (Ficus Religiosa), also known as the tree of wisdom, which is 120 years old and was brought from China. The journey to Therme lasted 2 weeks. It is said that Prince Siddharta sat and meditated under this tree and there he found "enlightenment", after which he became a Buddha.

The largest wave pool in Romania

The wave pool in the Galaxy area has an area of ​​560 m2 and a depth ranging from 1 meters to 3 meters, being the largest of its kind in Romania. For 365 days a year, regardless of the season, the waves are produced using the latest technology, which allows comfort and guarantees safety.

The largest and most spectacular indoor slide system in Central and South-Eastern Europe

The Galaxy area of ​​Therme Bucharest has the most spectacular indoor slide system in Central and South-Eastern Europe, for all ages. Their total length is 1,5 km, and the starting areas have a height of up to 14 meters. In addition, the aquatic slide system in the Galaxy area of ​​Therme Bucharest received the maximum score from the publication tuberides.de, the most important independent guide to water slides in Europe. The 17 slides from Therme București are accredited by TUV Germany, the most demanding audit body of the amusement parks.

The largest retractable roof mounted in a seismic area

The roof of THE PALM area is a transparent colossus of 230 tons, with a retractable part with an area of ​​900 square meters, being the largest retractable roof ever mounted in a seismic area. The new space connected to the Galaxy body has a fully retractable roof, in both directions, with an area of ​​800 square meters and a weight of about 100 tons. The largest Himalayan salt construction in Europe. With this extension, Therme Bucharest hosts the largest Himalayan salt construction in Europe, which includes a library and a playground with walls 6 meters high. No less than 40 tons of Himalayan salt were used in its construction.

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