10 years of Wizz Air and a promotion: buy two tickets and pay only one

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On 19 May 2014, Wizz Air celebrates 10 years since its first flight from Katowice, southern Poland, to London Luton, which took place in 19 May 2004. Wizz Air was created with the ambition to make the flight more accessible to the people of Central and Eastern Europe. Until 2013, Wizz Air carried 69 millions of passengers in total. The company has a network of over 300 routes and 96 destinations in 35 countries. In fiscal year 2014, Wizz Air has carried 13,9 millions of passengers and expects more and more of its aircraft in the years to come.

To mark this special moment and to show appreciation for all its customers, Wizz Air offers every second free seat for reservations made on wizzair.com on any route until the middle of this night.

You can benefit from this promotion only if you purchase two or more seats at the same time within the same reservation and for the same flight from Wizz Air Hungary Ltd. (W6) or Wizz Air Ukraine Airlines LLC (WU).

One of the two seats purchased will be free, up to a maximum of 5 free seats for a reservation. "Free" means that you will not pay the cost of the ticket, including taxes or other mandatory costs and small cabin luggage (maximum size: 42 * 32 * 25) (but excludes administration fee) for free seat. More information about the Wizz Air anniversary promotion.

I also did a simulation on the route Bucharest - Barcelona. The idea is that 2 = 1 must appear to you. You cannot buy two tickets on a simulation made for one person. You need to select the number of people from the beginning, do the searches and the offer is activated. The price you pay is the cut plus 30 lei / segment (administration fee for the second ticket).


To test the offer, make a simulation for one person as well. I think the rate displayed will be about the same as 2 = 1.

Jόzsef Váradi, CEO of Wizz Air said:

"I am very proud of this important moment. We arrived here after 10 years of hard work and thanks to our team of professionals. The 10 years means rapid growth, permanent innovation, and for our customers it means the freedom to travel and enjoy new experiences and opportunities. Entering the new decade, Wizz Air and its team will continue to challenge competitors and offer low rates and exceptional service. I would like to thank all the customers today for their loyalty and for being part of the incredible Wizz Air journey. ”

  1. Sorin Rusi says

    Did you do the simulation logged into the Wizz Club or not?

    Dad and ok. The cut rate is actually the full rate for one person, without being a Wizz Club member or anything like that. So it calculates the whole cut rate for you and that is valid for one person. If you do a simulation for one person, for the same period, you will see that you have approximately the same rate… probably about 40-50 lei lower than what you have now for 2 = 1

  2. Sorin Rusi says

    Log in to Wizz Discount Club, if you are a member, and you will have other rates :).

  3. Sorin Rusi says

    Plus the price for Malta of 800 and some lei for two people is very good. Air Malta has starting rates from 250 EUR for the return person.

    So take advantage because you have the active promotion… It's ok!

  4. Sorin Rusi says

    Do a simulation on a person, for the same period… and tell me what rate you have. You will see that it is the same rate you have when you make 2 = 1.

    1. Radu says

      Yes you are right. I just didn't understand their math. Otherwise, prices are good, nothing to say.

      1. Sorin Rusi says

        The cut price is the one that you normally pay, but the clean one shows you at what cost / person you buy based on the promotion :).

        And it decreases by 30 lei… I don't know the module through which they introduced this promotion to give so many calculations and commas, but to convince me ... I did a simulation for one person, having about the same rate as for the simulation for 2 = 1 :).

        1. Sorin Rusi says

          I can't say that they have a lower or higher price than a period. There are many factors that lead to higher prices for airline tickets… But if you found a good price for 2 = 1, then take advantage 😀

  5. Radu says

    Yes, unfortunately, when making the reservation, no miraculous discount is applied. I also lost an hour to how infected the site goes. Halal promotion! Bleah 🙁

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      Is the search cost not kept? It doubles?

      1. Radu says

        Yep. And the site goes infected. I lost an hour to make a reservation in the hope that it will finally show me the cost at half. But it didn't work

        1. Sorin Rusi says

          Yes, the site is going very hard. Being a general campaign, they probably have a lot of hits.

          Regarding the price, for me it kept the simulation rate until the end… It still gives errors :(. I think they launched the campaign without all the checks…

          1. Radu says

            Hmmm ...
            Here you go:

          2. Radu says

            I tried wrong in return, but the idea is clear

  6. Radu says

    Well, it's not ok, because it shows me the full cut price and the half cut price (so far, everything seems fine), but on the right, in summary, it actually shows me those cut prices. So where is the reduction? And the same price (that whole) also puts me on billing. And yes, I was logged into my account, and under the conditions of the campaign I do not write ANYTHING about the Wizz Club (or do I not see it anymore?).

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