April 11 in aviation: the first scheduled flights between Australia and the UK; an Antonov An-32 crashed in Chisinau.

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On April 11, 1935, QANTAS and Imperial Airways began operating scheduled flights between Brisbane (Australia) and London (UK). Initially, the route was operated weekly, and the trip lasted 12 and a half days. It officially became known as the "Kangaroo Route".

The frequency of flights has been progressively increased. There were two flights a week, after three flights a week. The duration of the trip was improved, so that the flights to Australia lasted "only" 10 days.

Kangaroo Route-1935
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Other aviation events on April 11.

Pan Am Flight 526A landed in the Atlantic Ocean.

On April 11, 1952, Pan Am 526A, a Douglas DC-4 aircraft, suffered an engine failure and was forced to land in the Atlantic Ocean, 18 km north of San Juan, Puerto Rico. 52 of the 69 people on board the aircraft died.

Canadian pilot S / L RG Christie flew from Vancouver to Ottawa.

On April 11, 1954, Canadian pilot S / L RG Christie flew from Vancouver to Ottawa in 3 hours, 46 minutes. The plane had two stops, in Calgary and Winnipeg. He was in charge of a North American Saber aircraft built by Canadair.

An Antonov An-32 aircraft crashed in Chisinau.

On April 11, 2008, the Antonov An-32 accident in Chisinau took place. The aircraft of a Sudanese airline, an Antonov An-32 plane, crashed shortly after taking off from Chisinau International Airport (Moldova) to Turkey. All eight passengers on board the aircraft were killed.

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