112 years since the first flight of Traian Vuia and an exhibition at Timisoara Airport

Timisoara International Airport marks the time of Traian Vuia's first flight, from 18 March to 1906, with an exhibition dedicated to the great Banat inventor.

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At the Timisoara airport, an exhibition dedicated to the first flight by Traian Vuia was located in the internal departures area. To fly for the first time with an apparatus heavier than air, raised from the ground by its own means. With the support of the National Museum of Banat, the exhibition will remain at the terminal for several days.


The first flight of Traian Vuia

In 18 March 1906, Banian Traian Vuia was making history. In France, at Montesson, he managed the first flight in the history of mankind with an aircraft heavier than air. It was the first mechanical flight to rise from the ground by its own means. Traian Vuia managed to run 50 meters, then detached from the ground and flew 12 meters, at a height of 1 meters.


Before the time of 18 in March 1906, Traian Vuia tried to fly in 5 in February and in 6 in March, but due to adverse weather conditions he failed.

Traian Vuia was born on 17 August 1872 in the town of Bujoru (today Traian Vuia, Timiș County) and died in 3 September 1950, in Bucharest.

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