12 ideas to keep in mind from #RDTC2014

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During the period 20-21 March 2014, Eventur organized Romanian Digital Travel Conference. I was present on the first day, on 20 March, and the focus was on the latest technologies in the field of electronic commerce and on the most effective online marketing strategies, of course with reference to tourism.

There were 4 sessions, with 3 top speakers, and at the end of the day I drew the line and got 12 interesting ideas. So I share them with you:

- Horia Grozea, Director Card Payments - Netopia mobilPay - Romanians are starting to pay more and more with the card. In 2013, Netopia mobilPay processed 2,2 million transactions totaling EUR 76 million. In developing your business, also consider implementing a payment solution with card, SMS, etc. It is good to offer the customer all the payment methods: by card, sms, bank transfer, cash payment, etc.

- Mădălin Măncilă, marketing specialist at Happy Tour Group - It is very important to retain your customers. A statistic says that if you have 20% of customers loyal to the brand, they can generate up to 50% of sales. This is true in any business. But loyalty costs money and must be done very carefully in the long run.

- Petruş Lungu, blogger and digital traveler at tourism20.ro - Trace the acceleration on useful applications in tourism. Optimize your sites for mobile devices, develop all kinds of useful and practical applications for tourists. Keep in mind that mobile web traffic accounts for about 20% -30% of total recorded traffic.

- Tudor Iacob, Marketing Specialist at Conectoo - Email marketing campaigns can be successful if they are very well targeted, if they have dynamic content and if the emails are optimized for mobile devices.

- Filip Lăpuş, General Manager at Travelio - Invest in licenses and hardware systems for better business administration and management. It would be preferable to take packages with cloud storage. They are cheaper, and hardware resources can be allocated as needed.

- Alexandru Lăpuşan, CEO Zitec - Hacking for Travel and don't think about the downside. Explore your limits and do something interesting and meaningful. Focus on speed, mobility, creativity, tech and team.

- Cătălin Macovei, PPC Specialist - You can get very good results through Google Adwords campaigns. But you need to target your audience very well, establish the structure of your message, and generate relevant ads. Holidays are not bought at night. According to statistics obtained by Cătălin, most tourist packages were bought around noon.

- Oana Dumitrescu, Head of Online Marketing ZITEC - If you don't have a mobile app or site optimized for mobile devices, you should. 90% of consumers use several devices (laptop, smartphone, tablet, PC, etc.) in search of their favorite vacation.

- Cristian Ignat - Ppc marketing manager at 2parale - Remarketing can be an extremely valuable tool if we know how to use it, indispensable in a tourism campaign. The consumer uses 10.4 sources of information before buying. It would be a shame not to remind him where he sailed.

- Răzvan Pascu, Travel Communication Romania - Global tourism is growing, as is that from / to Romania. Răzvan recommends that you come with unique tourist products that you can target depending on the tourists. In 2014, it relies on 4 trends: Family travel; Focus on the new millennium generation (young people); Creative tourism and luxury tourism. It matters a lot to whom you communicate and how you communicate.

- Monica Jitariuc, Managing Director at The Practice Romania - The story behind a product, a hotel, an agency, etc. can sell. Communication must be sincere, coherent and correct. Always look for and take advantage of new communication opportunities. Hire professionals!

- Alexandru Negrea, Social Media Consultant - Currently, there are over 7 million accounts on Facebook, given that there are 10 million internet users (figures compared to Romania). This does not mean that there are 7 million internet users on Facebook, but their number is very large and to be taken into account. What is certain is that for the time being Facebook is not disappearing, but it is changing. The organic reach is at 16% and decreases, but it can just as well increase depending on the quality of the content. Facebook is one of the best communication platforms for tourism businesses.

That's what I had to say. I hope it will be useful to you and even put into practice. Much of the information here can be applied in many online businesses, not just tourism. Success and increase sales!

During the conference, I photographed with Canon EOS 100D kit EF-S 18-55mm f / 3.5-5.6 IS STM from F64.ro. Photos from the Romanian Digital Travel Conference 2014.

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