129 million passengers carried RYANAIR in 2017

RYANAIR, Europe's largest low-cost carrier, said at the end of 2017: 129 of millions of passengers carried.

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In a press release, RYANAIR published today, 3 January, the traffic report for December 2017. Traffic increased by 3% to 9.3 million customers (compared to the same period last year). And the occupancy rate increased by 1% to 95%.

But even more interesting was the 2017 year-round report. RYANAIR has announced the shipment of fish 129 million passengers, with 10% more than 2016.

129 million passengers

Despite the problems of September and October, RYANAIR managed to carry a record number of passengers. Much acclaimed Irish company manages to grow from year to year, carrying over 129 millions of passengers to those 205 destinations in Europe.

At the same time, the RYANAIR fleet counts 412 Boeing 737-800 aircraft, who are in operational service. Until 2018, RYR will additionally receive 68 from 737-800 Next Generation aircraft. From 2019, RYANAIR will start receiving Boeing 737 MAX 200 aircraft.

We do not comment on the services or the quality of the company, but it is impressive how it has managed to grow and reach the top of the largest airlines in the world. By fleet size, it ranks 9, in a top dominated by 6 airlines in the United States. According to the number of passengers carried, RYANAIR is ranked 5 in a global ranking.

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