13 years of Blue Air flights

The 13 day was a very lucky one for Blue Air. Today, on 13 December, the largest Romanian air carrier celebrates 13 years of flights!

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Blue Air, the largest Romanian airline and full member of IATA (International Air Transport Association), today celebrates 13 years of activity.

Starting from a single aircraft and 35 employees in December 2004, Blue Air reached 29 aircraft and nearly 1.500 employees, succeeding in carrying over 100 European routes 21 millions of passengers, more than the entire population. of Romania.

So far, it seems that Blue Air has the winning mix between vision, a professional team and loyal passengers. Therefore, he invested with confidence in the development of the fleet, launched 34 new routes and inaugurated this year 3 operational bases, in Constanța, Liverpool and Alghero.

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As of the end of the year, Blue Air estimates a turnover of 400 million and approximately 5 million passengers transported, an increase of over 35% compared to 2016.

From 2019, Blue Air, the largest Romanian airline, will also be the first Boeing 737 MAX operator in Romania. Right now, the Boeing 12 MAX 737 aircraft operated by Blue Air are operating at Boeing's factory near Seattle.

"The Boeing 737 MAX 8 model will allow a strong development of Blue Air at European level. We will be able to fly to new destinations, over longer distances, but at the same time we will be able to keep the fares low for our passengers, due to the efficiency of the plane ", added Gheorghe Răcaru, General Manager of Blue Air.


New Boeing 737 MAX airplanes reduce fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions by up to 20% compared to the Next Generation 737 model, launched in 1998. For example, in a fleet of 100's most fuel-efficient aircraft, it is estimated that the new Boeing 737 MAX will emit less tons of carbon dioxide with 35.000.

Boeing 737 MAX aircraft are equipped with the CFM International LEAP-1B engine model. In terms of capacity, the Boeing 737 MAX 8 can carry up to 200 passengers, and the maximum distance it can travel without fuel is 6.510 km.

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Blue Air, the largest Romanian airline, becomes a very big player among the pan-European airlines. Recently, Blue Air has signed a codeshare agreement with Alitalia.

Which means that Alitalia has its own flight numbers on all Blue Air routes operated from Italy to Romania and to its base in Liverpool. From the beginning of next year, the second phase of the partnership will start, so that all Alitalia flights from Rome Fiumicino and Milan Linate airports will be marketed by Blue Air under their own flight numbers, ensuring an opening to new markets and more passengers. for the largest Romanian airline.

To be as close to all its passengers as possible, Blue Air offers three different ticket packages, adapted to different travel and budget needs.

Light package is the most accessible, ideal for those who want to travel with little luggage (free check-in and a hand luggage of maximum 10 kg).

The Classic Package It is ideal when, in addition to hand luggage, passengers also have hold luggage (maximum 20 kg). Check-in is free and benefits from 50% discount on the date change fee and the possibility to reserve the place.

Premium package In addition to the above, it offers free change of dates, free food and the possibility to reserve your place, including the Extra Leg Room. This package is addressed, in particular, to the business passenger.

New Blue Air routes announced for 2018:

- Of the Turin to Paris, at Charles de Gaulle Airport, from 25 to March 2018.
- From Turin to Stockholm, from March 27, 2018.
- From Liverpool to Palma Mallorca, from June 2, 2018.

13 years of Blue Air flights in figures:

- 6.762 detours of the Earth (270.982.871 kilometers traveled)
- 21.487.795 passengers transported (109% of the Romanian population)
- 54 years of a person's life (473.147 flight hours)
- Westernmost destination: Lisbon (Portugal)
- Southernmost destination: Tel Aviv (Israel)
- The northernmost destination: Helsinki.
- Longest flight Blue Air: Larnaca - Birmingham (5:15 hours / 3402 kilometers)

Our experience with Blue Air is positive. I traveled the routes Constanța - Athens (inaugural flight); Bucharest - Hamburg. I attended the first flights on the route Bucharest - Iasi. And in the summer of this year, I joined Romania with Blue Air!

So far, we can say that we have over 20 flights with Blue Air, being the airline with which we flew the most. The most frequented route with Blue Air is Bucharest - Iași. Thank you for the beautiful experience and with confidence we will continue to step on the boards of Blue Air aircraft.

Happy Birthday to Blue Air!

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