[TAP Portugal offer] 15% discount from the final fare to all TAP Portugal destinations

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In 2015, TAP Portugal aims to facilitate the mission of those who want to discover a new country / culture, and between 6 and 7 January 2015 it has a promotion to all destinations in the network with a 15% discount on the final rate, including taxes ! 

Below are the details of the promotion and a brief summary of the lowest rates obtained after applying the discount, for some of the best-selling destinations:

Discount code: NYEARPROMO
Reservations period: 6 and 7 January 2015, exclusively on www.flytap.com
Travel period: 15 JAN - 11 FEB 15 & 23 FEB - 19 MAR 15 & 7 APR - 31 MAY 15
Promotion applicable to departures from Bucharest to ALL TAP destinations, on flights operated by TAP Portugal:

I would like to remind you that for long and medium haul destinations (Brazil, USA, Colombia, Panama, Venezuela, Morocco, Cape Verde Islands) and the Azores, for which there is no same-day connection, TAP Portugal offers bed and breakfast accommodation at Lisbon and the airport-hotel-airport transfer service, under the "Bom dia Lisbon" program. In order to benefit from this facility, an email with the details of the reservation will be sent, after issuing the travel ticket, to the address [email protected].

Destination Lowest standard fare, round trip, taxes included The lowest rate, after applying the discount, round trip, taxes included, from:
Lisbon 200 Eur 170 Eur 
Porto 236 Eur 200 Eur  
Madeira 336 Eur  287 Eur 
Azores: Ponta Delgada, Horta, Terceira 359 Eur 305 Eur
Seville / Bilbao / Valencia 258 Eur   219 Eur   
Casablanca 380 Eur 323 Eur
Marrakech 369 Eur    314 Eur    
Cape Verde Islands: Sal Island / Praia Island / Sao Vicente Island / Boavista Island 646 Eur  549 Eur 
New York 564 Eur  479 Eur 
Miami 644 Eur 548 Eur
Sao Paulo 659 Eur 560 Eur
Rio de Janeiro 738 Eur 627 Eur 
Fortress / Salvador / Recife, Natal 939 Eur  798 Eur 
Porto Alegre / Brasilia City 886 Eur 753 Eur
Manaus / Belem 936 Eur 796 Eur
Panama City 963 Eur 819 Eur

We also did a quick simulation for the route Bucharest - Lisbon, and below you have the result.


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