1500 of weapons seized in 2012 at US airports

1500 of weapons seized in 2012 at US airports

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Article written by Maria Vasiliu!

In 2012, US airport security personnel confiscated over 1500 of weapons from airline passengers, with 15% more than 2011, according TSA (Transportation Security Administration).

According to the latest official report from the US Department of Homeland Security, only in the week 17-23 December 2012, security screens at airports detected 34 of weapons held by passengers, of which 32 were loaded. In the previous week, 29 weapons were discovered, of which 21 loaded.

"Many have simply forgotten to take them in their luggage," TSA officials said.

It seems a little forced statement to me. How to get away with the weapon and not become aware?

At the beginning of December 2012, a passenger carrying 26 of paralyzing weapons in hand luggage was found at JFK - John F. Kennedy Airport. Paralyzing weapons are not included in the firearms category, but as other sharp objects (knives, scissors, swords, cutter etc) or goods such as shotgun, fireworks, aerosols - except for personal use, fuel any kind, etc. which may endanger flight safety, they are prohibited on board aircraft.

Among other weapons taken by the passengers were found an A4 rocket launcher, at Latrobe Airport, Pennsylvania and a rifle in his hand luggage of a passenger at Houston Airport.

As a mention, before packing, be careful what you take with you. If in doubt, ask. Even the substances found in our homes, such as pesticides, gasoline, paint, turpentine, gas cylinders, oven cleaning products, bleaches, adhesives and aerosols, etc. they are potentially dangerous goods. Explication? In an airplane, they are unpredictable, given the atmospheric pressure, the oscillating temperatures (from -55 ° C to + 55 ° C) and the constant vibrations.

Below is a short list of dangerous goods that you are allowed to take on the plane, many of them only with the approval and notification of the airline, the airline personnel, etc.:

1. In the hand luggage: alcohol, batteries, equipment batteries, carbon dioxide (with operator approval), electronic cigarettes, medical articles, gas balloons, oxygen cylinders, portable electronic medical devices - defibrillators, nebulizers, wheelchairs, thermometers (operator approval is required )
2. In the hold baggage: aerosols for personal or limited use (varies by operator), batteries for lithium equipment (average power up to 160Wh), carbon dioxide (operator approval required), asthma inhalers, oxygen cylinders (no more than 5 kg), medicines containing alcohol, thermometer (medical / clinical) containing mercury, wheelchairs (with non-detachable battery) (pilot information), rescue equipment, life jackets (non-flammable), toiletries;
3. To you personally: electronic cigarettes and lighters, medical articles, pacemakers, portable electronic devices, toiletries.

What is not allowed in any form:
- gunpowder, tear sprays;
- radioactive materials;
- poisons;
- fireworks, signaling missiles, explosive;
- infectious / chemical substances
- butane.

Remember: some things were never made to fly!

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