Duracell 1800 mAh Portable USB Charger (PUC) (Contest)

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Update: By unanimous vote, Virgil is the winner of a Duracell portable USB charger by 1800 mAh. This is to avoid having to log in to other phones. And if he does, he can also sign out.

The phone has become an indispensable accessory. At present, everyone has at least one smartphone and many of us even two or more. I don't know how we could survive without phones. We got used to talking a lot on the phone, browsing the internet, playing games, listening to music and even watching movies on smartphones.


The only major problem with mobile terminals is the battery. In vain do we have the latest phone if the battery lasts for several hours, at most one day. We leave home with the battery full of the phone and get to work with it already in half. If we upload two more photos and update a status on facebook, on the way, it's gone. The charger also became indispensable.

But what do we do when we go on trips, or when we have to spend more time in the city and not find an outlet where we can power our phone? The solutions would be the backup battery, or an external battery that would provide us with a few hours of power until we reached an outlet.


Lately, I've been traveling quite a lot. I was away through the country, but also abroad. I didn't really know how much to rely on my phones, especially since I used the internet a lot. But when the world was dearer to me, I ran out of battery on the phone.

Duracell 5 Hour Travel Charger

In trying not to stay on the zero, I had one Duracell 1800 mAh portable USB charger, also called Duracell 5 Hour Travel Charger. The manufacturer says this external battery can provide up to 5 talk time. I have nothing to object to and believe in their measurements, but smartphones are used for many more activities, and autonomy varies depending on the usage modes.


Duracell charger by 1800 mAh

I have a HTC Sensation with a battery of 1520 mAh. This means that the Duracell 1800 mAh charger can fully charge my phone battery and there is still some reserve left. This way I can use my smartphone for a few extra hours. However, the capacity of the Duracell charger is not always sufficient, especially when the new terminals have batteries over 2000 mAh.

I liked that it has two USB ports, so I can charge two gadgets simultaneously, as much as I can. Another notable benefit is that the Duracell 5 Hour Travel Charger charges directly from the outlet in about 2 hours. I do not recommend external rechargeable batteries from the laptop because it lasts forever.


I appreciated that the plug is removable, but I would have preferred a folding system. Not infrequently I had to look through his bag. The Duracell Portable USB Charger also has a button you press and you can see the battery status. When all the 3 indicator bulbs are green, the charger is charged and ready to use.


Duracell 5 Hour Travel Charger with good and bad

I recommend Duracell 5 Hour Travel Charger because it can provide extra hours of energy for phones, tablets, etc., it does not weigh too much (92 grams) and does not damage having an external battery in the office, bag or car. Package Contents: 1 charger, 1 micro USB cable, 1 mini USB adapter.

But it also has less pleasant parts. As I said, the capacity of 1800 mAh is not enough for the new generation of smartphones, but it is true that it still provides some energy. It is not very small, the dimensions 10,5 x 2,3 x 6,5 cm making it uncomfortable to carry in your pocket.

The price of a 1800 mAh portable Duracell USB charger can vary between 120 lei and 140 lei, depending on the store.


If it's still July 1, I said let's start the month with a contest. We all think we went through "moments of horror" when the phone's battery ran out when we needed it most.

Leave a comment with the story of the funniest moment when you ran out of battery on your phone and we reward you with a portable 1800 mAh Duracell USB charger. The contest takes place between July 1, 2013 - July 10, 2013, and the winner will be chosen on July 11, depending on how funny the event was. Success!

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  1. Bogdan Anghelina says

    Recently. I was waiting for a phone call from a PR agency to get an internship. I was at the other end of town - 15pm - my phone rang. The card was cut out (micro sim) and I couldn't put it in my colleagues' phone. I get home around 17 pm, desperate, I put the phone on charge but it didn't start in any color.

    I take the old phone out of the box and charge it - it doesn't show any signs and the back cover didn't seem to close properly, I try to fix it and realize that the battery is swollen (so uncharged, I think).

    The apartment colleague has a phone with normal sim.

    I check the mail, nothing. I was thinking, I can't call them… what can I say "Hello, I'm Xulescu, did you call me somehow?". Eventually I managed to turn on the phone - but I still don't know why he didn't want to turn it on.

    Now it looks funny, then it wasn't.

    1. Bogdan Anghelina says

      I forgot a comma, sorry, it's late.

    2. Sorin Rusi says

      And in the end was it resolved? I also have problems with missed calls, but well there is email email

  2. Olteanu Lucian says

    Recently I met a very pretty girl, I managed to talk to her, all good and beautiful 🙂, until she saw my phone in her hand, she asked me what model she is, I showed her again when I dared to ask for his phone number and put it in my address book, my battery is definitely gone… :)) to enter the land of shame…

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      Don't forget 1100 from Nokia. Whenever one is good at a man's house 😀

  3. Mihai says

    I was in college, in a lab, somewhere around 18-19 on a Thursday. I noticed with amazement that the 3g had dried my battery up to 20%. I played a little to pass the time faster, looking forward to the weekend (for me Friday is free). Especially since my friend had told me that it would surprise me when I arrived. 😀

    So, I consumed the battery up to 5%. And I thought, as a smart, to shut it down, save battery until I reach the gate. A small detail, it has doors that open from the remote control, manually you can only if you do not know what key. And I didn't have the remote control in my possession.

    That's how I get to the gate nicely, I take out the phone to ring and… surprise. It didn't light anymore. It was some kind of battery protection system I didn't know about. I had never had an iPhone before and I didn't know it could happen. She was waiting for me, I was impatient. 😀

    What I did was go to the corner store, in a neighborhood with 50% rromi and ask the seller to let me use a socket (I had a charger in the car). I stayed 20 (twenty) minutes with him in the socket and still didn't light up. The voltage was too low with all those refrigerators out there. So I asked her to give me 1 minute to call. It took 3 minutes to convince her.

    He answered my second call. He opened my door. I was a god.

  4. Narcisa says

    I ran out of battery for a few hours just when the unfortunate accident in Montenegro was announced and because my parents were no longer able to keep up my travels they were a bit panicked when they saw that I did not answer the phone. so my mom would be grateful if I had such an extra battery

  5. Melinda Val says

    No, I do not agree! Chip Not to mention an incident in which you ran out of battery on the phone, with a funny story, because whatever the context, it is something extremely unpleasant…

    It is very true that you can never, precisely, rely on the energy of the phone. Neither he nor the battery itself are most often the cause.

    An application, say travel, freshly installed today can override the schedule of your trip tomorrow, leaving you without battery and implicitly, without the possibility of communication, location, photo, film, etc. And this is because of many applications - it can be done - insufficiently developed and tested.

    Countless times I have encountered applications that used GPS geolocation but when you shut down the application, its Shut Down process does not stop the GPS receiver. Only the heat released by the phone in your pocket, after a while, made you think.

    Under these conditions, most of the time, not long after, the phone starts ringing the discharged battery.

    For me, for example, the peep makes its presence felt from 15% of the battery down. It's the moment when I "transform" literally wherever the situation catches me, knowing that in a short time I run out of access to the voice with the boss, mail @office or SMS (I won't tell you with whom) to end the plea of ​​real necessity of an additional source of energy in the bag, in a cheerful note 🙂

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      That's right, it's not always funny. But of course there were times that made you smile :).

  6. Virgil says

    Oh, the real story, it doesn't have two weeks yet:

    The correspondence of several days in the mail, set for a meeting on Tuesday between 14: 00 and 14: 30, on the granite in front of the BCR (Calea Victoriei) building, she was working in the area and was going to go down to my phone. An envelope I had to hand, but important.

    Provincially, I rely on the Google Maps browser to take me to the door. Agglomeration, killing, one-way traffic, give the building a detour 3 times, no parking space. I move away, carried by the twisted streets of Bucharest from another time, to somewhere behind the Cismigiului, where I park, for obvious money, but happy with the place.

    Because the car phone charger (original, offered by the manufacturer) cannot effectively charge the smart phone, at the consumption level of the 3G data started and the Google browser running, I get out of the car with the last 10% energy. The voice in English from the helmets guides me to the destination, agal, in pedestrian mode. But he does it! Satisfied that I reached a quarter, I browse the agenda in search of dance, when the phone betrays me, it closes, ready.

    Pressed by time, I instinctively look for a taxi to ask for a call, nothing. I enter the first place where two were having coffee, pressing the phones. Agitated at first sight, please give me a short phone call: - Say the number… - Okay but which number ?! It was saved in the agenda but I miss the fact that it also exists in the final signature in the emails. Please go online for a moment: - Here, don't you think you want a lot ?! With a smile it is solved and I am in the browser on a foreign phone and in the Yahoo mail I find the number. I call, thank you for your help and I finally manage to reach the meeting.

    In the evening, with my wife on TV, I get a call! - Hi, I'm the one at the cafe, with the phone. I found your phone number in the last emails from SENT and I thought it would be good to let you know that I gave SIGN OUT from your email, which you left active, in a hurry 🙂

  7. Monica says

    Look, I was reading your article right now, in my "bed at home" on BlackBerry, and while I was reading the comments, I had fun too (I really liked some of them) and wondered if my phone left me in funny moments, hop ma leave the battery… 🙂
    Finally, good luck with other connections, if I were to remember a moment I will never forget, it was during a conference, in which the connection to the net and the phone itself was vital… and no one had a charger: ((and there were dozens of people there… And it was morning and by evening I was lost in space.
    In general, when you leave the battery in your phone, there is nothing funny…
    A toy from this is welcome!

  8. Sorin Neagu says

    It's old, but good 😀 I had just moved to Bucharest and was going for an interview. There were no smartphones at that time, but I had connected to the internet and I was in the browser on I don't know which site with the map of the capital looking for the address of the place in question. Of course I also listen to music in the meantime and of course I run out of battery. I woke up somewhere in the middle of Bucharest, in an area with houses, completely lost and knocking at the gates to ask for instructions and to ask what time it is. I didn't get to the interview, let me tell him, and I got home much later because I also made the wrong direction of the tram. However, even though I got lost in that area, I got a better job (I think) and I was left with the story. That word: "life is better when you get lost" or "when you get lost you find yourself".

  9. Virgil says

    Thank you very much for your consideration. This supplement of energy will be of real use in my daily life and there will be many situations when, inevitably, I will mention 🙂!

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