2 Airbus A380 Malaysia Airlines for Turkish Airlines

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Turkish Airlines, one of the largest airlines worldwide, has a fleet of 261 aircraft and operates flights to 261 from destinations in 108 countries.


Surprisingly, but the Turkish Airlines fleet lacks large capacity aircraft. So far, the Turkish operator has not been interested in such aircraft Boeing 747 or Airbus A380. But for some time now, information has emerged that Turkish Airlines would tend to super jumbo.

According to Bloomberg, Turkish Airlines would like to borrow 2 Airbus A380 from Malaysia Airlines. The information is not confirmed by Istanbul officials, but there are people who confirm the intention of Turkish Airlines to negotiate with Malaysia Airlines to take over 2 super jumbo aircraft. Airplanes could be leased: dry-lease - only unmanned aircraft (Turkish Airlines would train its own crew); wet-lease - aircraft could come with Malaysia Airlines crew.

The idea seems reliable and profitable on both sides. Turkish Airlines could test whether such aircraft are profitable and whether there is demand to operate with them fully. It could operate long and very long flights departing from Istanbul to destinations in the United States or Asia.

Malaysia Airlines is looking to get out of A380 aircraft because it is going through a period of crisis following the 2 major accidents recorded in 2014. Lately, Malaysia Airlines has been flying with more empty aircraft. Passenger traffic has been greatly reduced and financial problems do not continue to occur.

We will come back with information when things get more concrete.

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