2 Boeing 747-400 Japan Air Self-Defense Force aircraft in Bucharest

On 16 January 2018, the Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe, arrived in Bucharest for an official meeting. It is for the first time that a Prime Minister of Japan comes to Bucharest and, therefore, for the first time to Henri Coandă International Airport.

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We do not do politics and we will not do it, but a historical moment cannot go unnoticed. From a diplomatic point of view, Romania has lost a lot. This visit was scheduled long before and here is a party, which is in power, decided to change the prime minister… Mr. Shinzo Abe, we apologize because Romania did not have a Prime Minister with whom to drink coffee.

Probably, the spotter and the lovers of airplanes were the only ones who really enjoyed the visit of the Japanese Prime Minister. They had the opportunity to photograph 2 special aircraft.

Boeing 747-400 Japan Air Self-Defense Force

The delegation of Japan was numerous. The Japanese prime minister was accompanied by a group of almost 20 CEOs and vice presidents of major Japanese concerns.

They flew two Boeing 747-400 Japan Air Self-Defense Force (Japanese Air Force One and Japanese Air Force Two) aircraft (20-1101 and 20-1102). Each aircraft can carry up to 140 passengers.

The 2 aircraft use Japanese Air Force One and Japanese Air Force Two when operating official flights; Cygnus One and Cygnus Two when not operating official flights (eg training flights).

They always fly together in government missions. One aircraft is of primary character, carrying Japanese officials, and the other aircraft serves as a reserve and has maintenance personnel on board.

The 2 Boeing 747-400 aircraft are powered by General Electric CF6-80C2 engines, which are also found on Boeing VC-25 USAF (Air Force One) aircraft.

Starting with 2019, the 2 Boeing 747-400 will also be replaced by 2 Boeing 777-300ER aircraft, and All Nippon Airways will maintain them.

That being said, we can travel to Japan without visas!

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