2 Kenya Airways planes collided in Nairobi / were not injured

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Every day, aviation sites announce incidents around the world. Some are minor incidents, others are more serious, but all is well when there are no victims.

The incident from Nairobi International Airport, which took place on 8 February 2019, could not be ignored. 2 Kenya Airways aircraft crashed to the ground.

2 planes collided in Nairobi

An E190 Kenya Airways Embraer is in the "engine test" area. Not having the proper brakes, as a result of the engine testing process, the aircraft departed and boarded another Embraer E190 Kenya Airways aircraft.

According to official statements, made by Kenya Airways, there were no casualties among the technical personnel handling aircraft.

Both aircraft suffered major damage and require serious repairs. They can be identified as 5Y-FFF and 5Y-KYR. Fortunately, there were 2 E190 aircraft and not the 787 Dreamliner widebody aircraft, which are used on long-haul flights.

Unfortunately, the 2 aircraft will be on the ground for a while, and Kenya Airways will have to look for solutions to lessen the impact on the operational program. There will certainly be delayed or canceled flights, which will result in additional expenses for the carrier in Kenya and, of course, unhappy passengers.

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