Airbus A330 KLM and Airbus A321 SAS in Bucharest, 2 unplanned landings

For the employees of Henri Coandă International Airport Bucharest, the day started with 2 unplanned landings. At 07: 55 landed an Airbus A330-300 KLM, and at 10: 13 landed an Airbus A321 SAS.

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Airbus A330-300 (PK-AKE) KLM

The day started with 2 unplanned, emergency landings. At 07:55, the Airbus A330-300 (PK-AKE) KLM aircraft landed in Bucharest. Operate flight KL446, on the route Kuwait-Amsterdam. The pilots requested an emergency landing for technical reasons - increased oil consumption on one of the engines.

Immediately, the emergency device was formed at Henri Coandă Airport, according to standard procedures. The aircraft landed safely at 07: 55.

On board were 298 passengers and crew. Passengers were disembarked at Henri Coanda Airport. The airline is about to make the decision about continuing the flight. From our information, a Boeing 747-400 KLM aircraft will arrive in Bucharest to take passengers.

Boeing 747-400-KLM-OTP

Other additions to this case. Regarding the emergency landing of the Airbus A330 aircraft, which was conducting the KLM 446 Kuwait City - Amsterdam, we mention the fact that all passengers are safe in the transit area of ​​the Henri Coandă International Airport in Bucharest. They will be transferred to their final destination during this day. A Boeing 747-400 aircraft will be sent specially to take all passengers, its landing in Bucharest being scheduled around 15: 00, to take off towards the final destination around 16: 00.

The Airbus A330 aircraft will remain on the ground for repairs, and will fly without passengers at the company's hub in Amsterdam.

Airbus A321 (OY-KBL) Scandinavian Airlines

The second case was a medical emergency. Airbus A321 (OY-KBL) Scandinavian Airlines, which was conducting the SAS7429 Copenhagen - Rhodes flight, requested, at 10.00, the emergency landing for medical reasons - a passenger with respiratory problems and low blood pressure.

After landing at Henri Coandă Airport, at 10.13, the AIHCB medical crew boarded the aircraft, which managed to stabilize the passenger. The aircraft took off towards the final destination at around 11: 50. We have no information if the passenger with medical problems continues his journey or not.

Air traffic at Henri Coanda Airport was not affected by these incidents, taking place under normal conditions.

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