20 countries have banned Russian tourists

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So far, 20 countries have announced the "closure of airspace." Among these countries, there are some that no longer issue visas for Russian tourists.

These are the main members of the anti-Russian tourist bloc:

  • Poland, does not issue visas to Russian tourists. In addition, it closed its airspace on Saturday.
  • Czech Republic, no longer issues visas for Russian tourists. It also joined in the closure of the airspace.
  • Latvia, does not issue visas for Russian tourists
  • Lithuania, does not issue visas to Russian tourists.
  • Belgia, does not issue visas to Russian tourists. In addition, it is pushing this initiative across the EU. Belgian Refugee Minister Sammy Mahdi said his country would stop issuing visas to Russians, especially tourists, and called on all EU leaders to follow suit: "At the moment, the Russians are not exactly happy. ”
  • UK, closed airspace for Russian airlines, with Russia responding symmetrically.
  • Bulgaria, joined the initiative to close the airspace on Friday night. At the same time, the end date of the ban was announced, May 25, just before the start of the summer tourist season.
  • Estonia, announced on Saturday afternoon that it is closing the airspace to Russian aircraft.
  • Romania, also closed its airspace on Saturday afternoon.
  • The tenth participant on the list was Slovenia , which announced the closure of its airspace on Saturday.
  • Austria it became the eleventh country on Sunday.
  • Sunday, Italy joined this list of countries that have closed airspace,
  • Sweden 
  • Germany, the country closed the airspace for 3 months
  • Holland
  • Norway
  • France
  • Northern Macedonia 
  • Canada
  • Spania

European Union decided to close its airspace for aircraft belonging to Russian airlines. The decision was made on Sunday, February 27.

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