20 types of passengers we can meet on the plane.

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Every time we travel by plane, we have the opportunity to come across different types of passengers. On board the planes, some passengers seem to transform :).

Types of passengers we can meet on the plane

Sometimes people behave in such a way unknowingly or accidentally. Drive your fear of flying, fear of spaces in the closet, etc., people may react differently. All we can do is draw their attention in a civilized way.

The horizontal space monopolizer

It is the type of passenger who tilts the seat abruptly and without taking into account the passenger in the back seat.

What can you do? You can open the air conditioner that is positioned toward the front seat so that it is disturbed and return the seat to its original position. No violence!

The lateral space monopolizer

The use of the armrest is not forbidden, but it is not recommended to use the armrest of the passenger sitting next to it.

The overhead luggage wrangler

Be careful with this type of passenger when deciding to remove luggage stored in the compartment above the seats to avoid contusion. They don't care about the people around them. They are generally not very strong and often try to remove heavy luggage in order to remove their luggage.

What can you do? Give a helping hand.

The groomer (always careful with his fingernails)

Most people prefer to read, play, listen to music or sleep when flying. Eh, there are also people who decide that it is the perfect time to cut their nails, file them or, why not, put on make-up.

The gate hoarder

The type of passenger who, when it is the announcement for boarding those with priority and from the first class, sits in line first. This becomes an obstacle to the proper order of boarding of passengers.

Things will move much easier if they understand that they have to stay with the designated boarding group, because the plane does not leave without them.

The chitter chatter

The talking passenger could talk for hours and with anyone. It does not matter if the passenger next to him does not feel like talking and would prefer to read or sleep.

What can you do? Tell him politely that it was an interesting discussion that you will continue after you finish reading or get some sleep.

The lounger (passenger relaxed, too relaxed)

It is the passenger who takes off his shoes and lies down on the neighboring seats, without taking into account those around him, being prepared for total relaxation, more like at the SPA.

The complainer

The passenger who is eternally dissatisfied, whether it is the place on the plane, food, drink or even the other passengers. Claim anything and anyone.

The disc jockey

The passenger who is used to listening to music or watching a movie with the sound at maxium, so that all the passengers on the plane can hear. He probably feels like a DJ (notes).

The carousel blocker

The kind of passenger who loves to stand in line. Either he is boarding the plane, or he gets up from his seat as soon as he lands the plane and waits standing to leave the aircraft or even as he waits to receive his luggage.

The silent but deadly

Aircraft engines are powerful enough to mask the sound of a silent "wind"… Smell is another matter.

The dis'owner

Children will be children, there is no doubt about it, and no matter how much we hate having a child screaming nearby, it is generally an inevitable situation. However, the parents are the culprits, letting their children run without problems, without any worries for the other passengers.

The aisle hog (passenger aisle lover)

There is a simple rule when boarding (or getting off the plane). Find your seat as soon as possible, place your luggage in the compartment, then take a seat. This is not the time to go out and talk to friends in the hallway, forcing people around you to wait. However, this type of passenger will ignore the others and will queue behind him because it is more important that his luggage is seated first.

The carry on abuser (the passenger with the closet behind him)

We all want to try to save a few bucks by packing lightly and taking only hand luggage. Unfortunately, these people have no concept of what will fit in the top compartment (they don't even seem to care). You will recognize them as they walk down the aisle, pulling on their bag that hits the chairs.

The human infection (sick passenger)

Yes, there are times when we happen to be sick, but we have to travel… Show little respect to other passengers and cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough and, if possible, wear a mask. However, inevitably, we will contact the passenger who will ignore all the rules of common sense.

The obstacle (passenger blocks the path)

This person seems to create the biggest possible barrier to keep you from crossing. Sleeping with your head on the glass holder might be comfortable for him, but it creates an obstacle for you, the one trying to get to the bathroom :).

The stinker

Sometimes you can't help but sweat. If you are agitated or afraid of flying, this is inevitable. However, this type of passenger will not take personal hygiene into account.

What can you do? Make sure you have wet and deodorant wipes in your bag to use when needed.

The drunk

No explanation is required for this typology. This passenger feels the need to operate the bar for free, enjoying as many drinks as possible.

The seat grabber

The passenger who, due to various problems, cannot get up from the seat, so he leans against the back of the front seat.

What can you do? Ask a passenger to help you or use the seat armrest.

The eavesdropper

Read your book, magazine, tablet, or other media device, and you feel like someone is watching you. It's not great to invade someone's privacy by reading over your shoulder at any time. This passenger can't help but watch and watch, together with you, the movie you have selected.

It is important to note that we have tried to highlight situations that can be easily resolved, rather than legitimate issues that are often discussed (eg overweight passengers). That being said, is there any type of passenger you would like to avoid that is not found in our article?

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