20 types of travelers. What category do you fall into?

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Man has traveled since ancient times. He explored the earth, conquered it, exploited it and always wanted to discover new places. Regardless of the times we live in, we need vacations, trips, explorations. The best investments are the memories gained from travel.

Everyone lives their own experience in a trip / vacation. We are different and each of us approaches the same destination in our own, subjective ways.

Following the travel experience, I came to the conclusion that there are many types of travelers. Some want to explore, others to relax, there are gourmets who choose to travel to test dishes, there are those who capture everything with the help of the photo defense, etc.

20 types of travelers

No matter what type of traveler you identify with, traveling to any new destination is a form of rejuvenation and reinvention. Below we bring to your attention 20 types of travelers. What category do you fall into?

The photographer

The photographer is the type of traveler who walks all year round, through time and space, making spectacular images, perfect to be put on the blog (ah, yes, he must have a blog or Instagram page). He travels to capture the natural beauty and create unique stories.

Canada, Switzerland, Chile and Morocco are some of the favorite countries. Maybe because they are countries with beautiful landscapes, instagramable.

The tech-savvy traveler

He is the one who explores new destinations just to satisfy his desire to test the latest technologies dedicated to travel. There is no special destination, because he likes places that look good and participate in all events dedicated to technology.

The holidaymaker

The classic tourist is the one who visits the popular holiday destinations to enjoy a stay. From European resorts in popular Mediterranean countries such as Greece, Italy and Spain, in search of the sun, to Switzerland and France for ski holidays. These are your favorite destinations.

The good planner

He travels to any destination, but with good planning and according to a schedule. He does not go on the road without establishing the itinerary, not choosing the places where he will stay, where he will eat or how much he will spend. We also call it the typical traveler.

The backpacker and adventure traveler (The Adventurer)

The backpacker is the kind of traveler who likes to explore different destinations and prefers independent travel on a budget. However, the adventurer is the one who likes to go on trips and vacations in natural environments or remote locations, with the special purpose of doing active physics, living new experiences and exploring new places. This type of traveler is very brave, but somewhere, he has a little of the typical traveler, being very calculated.

The party goer

The party traveler only for fun and parties. His favorite destinations are bars and clubs. Goa, Ibiza, Amsterdam, Las Vegas and Mykonos are some of the top options for him. At the same time, he travels to all possible festivals.

The fashionista traveler

This is the fashion-loving tourist who travels around the globe in search of new trends in the world of fashion. The favorite destinations for such travelers are Paris, Madrid and Milan - the hubs that attract most experts and professionals in the fashion industry.

Chill-out and recharge retreater

Away from the urban hustle and bustle, the relaxation lover travels for, you guessed it, relaxation. The relaxation lover travels alone or with friends, but without any planning and avoids venturing. It does not have a favorite destination, but it must be a place where you can relax and rejuvenate away from the hustle and bustle of big cities.

Frequent weekender (Passionate about city breaks)

This is the traveler who challenges the concept of classic tourism and prefers to explore new destinations and places every weekend. He goes on the premise: more trips, but shorter.

This traveler is part of the category of those who are financially established and who can afford to go on vacation every weekend, without missing the opportunity to discover a new place.

Budget conscious traveler (Economist)

The economist can travel wherever he wants, but be cheap. The favorite destination is the place where the expenses are lower and the fun is higher. The budget conscious traveler should aim to save money over time throughout the trip.

The typical tourist

This is the type of traveler who prefers to visit well-known and famous sights and explore common tourist activities. You will often find this type of traveler that will walk around cities and destinations and enjoy visiting the sights with the help of the tourist guide and the city map. He makes sure that during the holiday he will not miss anything important to see, a must-do.

The feeble traveler

This type of confused traveler who always keeps asking friends and acquaintances for the best destinations and places to explore during their visit! It does not have a favorite destination. He's always undecided. He would like to visit as many as possible, but lives his life until he decides.

The soul searcher

The lover of meditation has a main goal, that of traveling to find himself and to meditate on the deepest philosophies of life. Those who like to meditate usually travel alone, in search of their soul and schedule places where they can spend their time looking over rocks or taking long walks.

The guidebook follower (Follower)

For this type of traveler, the travel guide is the bible. It does not have a favorite destination, but it will respect everything that is written in the Holy Scriptures of Travel about the destination visited.

The resort hopper

This is the type of traveler who is not passionate about shopping or who does not visit sights. They are simple tourists who enjoy relaxation and vacation in all-inclusive ulta resorts. They like to enjoy culinary dishes and chilled beer, enjoyed on the terrace of their sea-view room. These are the tourists from Turkey and not only :).

The RV traveler

Older travelers, families and even young people like to travel in RVs (Recreational vehicle) and spend quality time in an isolated region together. The favorite destination can be anywhere or especially in quiet and unpopulated places. For those who don't know, we're talking about motorhomes. Caravan trips are special, with the greatest freedom and flexibility.

The city slicker

He is the type of traveler who usually enjoys vacations and travels in the middle of the city, among cars, through malls, noises and bustle. Favorite destinations are the cities where you have the opportunity to get lost in the vibrant nightlife, shopping malls, malls and recreation centers. She loves to travel to the biggest cities.

The complaining traveler

This is the most demanding type of traveler who often complains about anything offered to them during the holidays. Everything is expected to be according to their wishes. Favorite destinations are places that meet his ideals. And since there are no ideal places, this type of traveler will be forever dissatisfied.

The chatty traveler

This is the happiest type of traveler who can simply talk to everyone. Favorite destinations are represented by places where he can meet other people with whom he can talk, party or, why not, visit. They are enthusiastic and eager to speak.

The groupies

The type of traveler who likes to travel and explore new destinations and enjoy visiting sights in groups of friends or family members. Usually, this type of traveler buys holiday packages for all friends / family, acquaintances, and their main goal is to walk grup in a group.

If you did not find yourself in one of these typologies, please leave us a comment on how you like to travel.

  1. Daniel says

    14. The Guidebook Follower:
    This is the traveler breed that follows what travel guide has to say without using their sense. The favorite destination can be anything that guidebook guides them.
    It has little in common with the translation 😉

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      Precisely because I didn't want to translate :). We have the free will to write the texts ourselves :). Why be copy / paste?

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