200 air "highways" in the Romanian sky

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Romania does not sit well with the highways, but it has more than 200 colors of flight, and hundreds of airplanes and millions of passengers fly daily. The most crowded routes are those that connect the southeast of Western Romania.

On the road, a road from Constanţa to Arad takes about 10 hours. But with the plane the distance is traveled in about an hour, and the costs can sometimes be similar if we also consider that we save 9 hours.

Airways over Romania

On the air "highways", the order is strict. Each type of aircraft is allowed to fly up to certain altitudes, some imposed by air traffic controllers, others imposed by the aircraft manufacturer. For example, ATR aircraft are allowed to rise up to a maximum of 8.000 meters.

Airbus, Boeing, Embraer planes fly over them to a ceiling of 12.000 meters. The busiest air lanes are 10 meters - 000 meters. Modern military aircraft are allowed even higher, up to 12 meters altitude.

In the future, aircraft will fly much more directly between take-off and landing points, in particular to save fuel. But the safety and security scales will be respected.

  1. Bogdan says

    I don't understand this with "they will fly much more directly" .. now you mean that they fly in a zigzag ???

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      And yes, we can say that it is now flying and zigzag, because the planes are ETOPS certified in certain scales.

      An example of ETOPS approval below.


  2. Sorin says

    Bogdan, now flies in some well-defined colors and must include checkpoints. That is, it must fly through the vicinity of airports, etc.

    The system will be simplified in the future! It will fly more directly :). Only the color entry and exit points will be established, in the case of Romania…

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