BIAS 2012 air show - the program

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Bucharest National Airports Company organizes this year, between 21 and 22 July, on Bucharest International Airport Baneasa, the long awaited event Bucharest International Air Show & General Aviation Exhibition.

Below is the program of the BIAS 2012 air bag:

first show: Saturday, 21 July - starting at 10: 00 (approx. 3 hours and 55 min.)
the second show: Saturday, 21 July - "Flight at dusk" section
third show: Sunday, 22 July - beginning at 10: 00 (approx. 3 hours and 55 min.)

Air evolutions will be supported by:
Tricolori Arrows (Italy)
Turkish Stars (Turkey)
Jurgis Kairys
The hawks of Romania (5 Extra) (The Airfield Club of Romania)
Acrobatic chess players
Glider Acrobatics (Romania's Air Club)
Parachute launch / national lot (Romanian Air Club)
Acrobatic helicopter (Flying Bulls)
Bombardier B 25 (Flying Bulls)
Air Police Exercise
Boeing 737 - Tarom
2 Training IAK 52 (SMFA)

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