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We are a few hours away from the start of the biggest aviation show in Romania - Bucharest International Air Show & General Aviation Exhibition (BIAS) 2013. The event takes place tomorrow, 27 July 2013, on the Bucharest International Airport Baneasa-Aurel Vlaicu and is organized by the National Airports Company Bucharest, the Romanian Airfield Club, ROMATSA, the AIBO Sports Club and ROMAERO.


The complete and detailed program BIAS 2013:

08: 30 - 13: 30 AERIAL SHOW
08: 30 Paraglider
08: 50 Romania's club: 2 formation Ikarus C42
09: 00 Opening the military band and rolling Vlaicu II
09: 15 Higher Civil Aviation School: 5 CESSNA 172 formation
09: 25 Romanian Air Club: 4 ZLIN formation 142
09: 37 Romanian Air Club, ZLIN 50
09: 47 Romania's club: glider evolution
09: 55 Exercise carried out by the forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs
10: 05 Romanian Air Club: Parachute launch
10: 14 The Flying Bulls: Evolution B-25J Mitchell
10: 24 Romania's club: Extra evolution 330 SC
10: 34 Polish Eagles Foundation, MIG evolution 15
10: 44 Superior School of Civil Aviation -¬ EC 120
10: 54 Skydiving School TNT Brothers: Parachute launch
11:02 Hawks of Romania & TAROM, Boeing 737
11: 13 Jurgis Kairys, evolution ON 31
11: 24 Luca Bertossio, glider evolution
11: 32 Acrobatic Jacks, 3 YAK 52 lineup
11: 47 The Flying Bulls, Alphajet Evolution
11: 57 Exercise carried out by the forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs
12: 04 Romania's club, evolution of Hawks of Romania
12: 22 Baltic Bees, evolution L39 C Albatros
12:47 Acrobat Jackets & Jurgis Kairys, band 2 YAK 52 and SU 31
13: 15 Exercise carried out by the forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs
13:20 Romanian Aeroclub & TNT Brothers, parachute launch
13: 40 Demonstration of towing an aircraft - Radu Valahu
AERIAL DEMONSTRATION “Flight in the twilight”
18: 30 Paraglider
18: 45 Romania's club: 2 formation Ikarus C42
19: 00 Romania's club: balloon hunting 3 x ZLIN
19: 15 The Flying Bulls, Alphajet Evolution
19: 25 Romanian Air Club: Parachute launch
19: 32 Luca Bertossio, glider evolution
19: 40 Jurgis Kairys, evolution ON 31
19: 50 Polish Eagles Foundation, MIG 15 evolution
20: 00 The Romanian club, gliding formation
20: 10 Romanian Air Club, evolution ZLIN 50
20: 20 Hawks of Romania - The Romanian Air Club
20: 40 Baltic Bees, evolution L39 C Albatros
21: 03 The Romanian Air Club, parachute launch
21:13 Air Bandits - Acrobats & Jurgis Kairys
21: 30 Concert Antonia, Tasha and Deep Central
23: 00 Fireworks show

We announce that There are no parking spaces. We recommend that you come to BIAS 2013 by public transport. Below you have the map with the location, the entrance area and the RATB races.


Specially for 2013 BIAS, 2 RATB transport races have been introduced that will run on Saturday, July 27 2013, on the following routes:


Baneasa Shopping Complex - DN 1 - Bd.Aerogarii - Bd.Fiscului - Str.Elena Vacarescu - Sos.Bucuresti Ploiesti with return to the intersection with Bd.Aerogarii-Sos.Bucuresti / Ploiesti-Sos.Kiseleff-Maresal C-tin Prezan - Market Charles de Gaulle - Cal.Dorobantilor - Dorobantilor Square round - Cal.Dorobantilor - Maresal C-tin Present - Sos. Kiseleff - Sos.Bucuresti / Ploiesti - Str.Elena Vacarescu - Bd. Fiscului - Bd.Aerogarii - DN 1


Baneasa Shopping Complex - DN 1 - Bd.Aerogarii - Strada Alexandru Serbanescu - Sos.Pipera - Aurel Vlaicu (metro station) with return on Sos.Pipera - Str.N.Caramfil - Bd.Aerogarii - DN 1

To be identified, the buses of these lines will have the text "on the display"Special race - BIAS 2013". A number of 20 buses will run until midnight.

The travel tickets can be purchased at the time of getting in the vehicle or uploaded to the electronic wallet in the RATB card issuing and recharging centers, the price of a trip being 3,5 lei per person.

Today I went to the press conference and attended some training flights. An exceptional aviation show is announced. Below are some pictures.

(The first tests with a telephoto lens Canon EF 28-300mm f / 3.5-5.6L IS USM)

In particular, I announce to you that the ground-based aviation exposure should not be missed. Compared to last year, at this year's edition it is worth taking a look at the hangar. Today I visited the TAROM, Blue Air, Fly Level, Romatsa, Bucharest Airports, Aircraft Mock-ups and more. For those who are passionate about aviation and want to become pilots or flight attendants, now is a good opportunity to become interested in pilot schools and stewardess training programs. Even Blue Air has such training programs, so don't miss the stand.

For those who collect models, somewhere in the hangar, in the back area, there are 3 aircraft model stands. Prices start at about 40 lei and can go up to several hundred lei. If you do not want miniature airplanes, you may want magnets, specialty books, etc.

Take something to think about because it's a hot, even hot day. Possibly a rain cap because the weather may be changing. Refreshments, beer, ice cream, music and air show will not be lacking. The entry is free.

See you at BIAS 2013!

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