2013 was the safest year in aviation with 265 casualties recorded in 29 accidents

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Aviation Safety Network published the report on 2013 and the results are very good. The aircraft remains the safest means of transport, and the indexes are improved yearly. 2013 was the safest year in aviation with 265 casualties recorded in 29 accidents.

According to the figures, 2013 was the safest year in aviation history by number of victims and second year by number of accidents.

16 accidents involved passenger aircraft, being below the average of 17.4 recorded in the last 10 years. The worst accident was recorded on 17 in November and took place at the airport in Kazan, Russia. A Boeing 737 Tatarstan Airlines crashed on landing, causing the death of 50 people. In the 29 of recorded accidents 673 persons were involved.

The most popularized accident of the year 2013 was the one recorded at the airport in San Francisco. Boeing 777-200ER aircraft operating 214 flight Asiana Airlines missed the landing and hit the tail end of the runway with its tail. 3 persons died out of the total of 307 persons on board.

3 of the total 29 accidents (10%) involved EU blacklisted airlines. Africa remains the continent with the most aviation accidents in terms of the number of flights operated. According to ICAO statistics, African companies average an 4.6 score from 10 at the safety audit. Airlines from 14 African countries are not allowed to fly in Europe.

From 29 casualties, 13 took place at approach, 8 took place during flight, 4 at landing and 3 took off.

ASN president Harro Ranter said: The number of aviation accidents has been steadily declining since 1997, and this is due to the efforts of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), International Air Transport Association (IATA), Flight Safety Foundation and of the aviation industry.


We also mention that in 2013 the threshold was exceeded by 3 billion passengers transported by air. We do not yet have information on the total number of flights, but we estimate that the threshold of 30 of millions has been exceeded.

We wish you a safer 2014 than 2013 and have some nice flights! Clear sky!

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