Timisoara Airport in 2016: Significant increase in passenger traffic

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2016 was a very good year for "Traian Vuia" International Airport Timişoara. Due to the new open routes and the Ryanair base, Timisoara International Airport was transited by 1 161 588 of passengers, which means a 26% increase compared to 2015.

Timisoara Airport in 2016

An increase of 22% also registered the number of flights. Over 11.600 flights they were registered in 2016 at Timisoara Airport.

The favorite destinations of Timisoara this year, in order of number of passengers, were: Bucureşti, Munich, London and Milan-Bergamo.

In terms of freight traffic, during the year 2016 registered an increase of 48% compared to the previous year, being processed approximately 4.000 of freight tonnes. This increase is also a consequence of the opening of the DHL operational base from the previous winter season. The new terminal is the most modern operational headquarters that DHL has in Romania, with an area of ​​2.000 sqm and equipped with 16 loading and unloading gates and an advanced sorting and security system, which allows to take the packages from the sorting strip and climb directly in the courier cars.

In 2016, Timisoara International Airport has invested in expanding the airport infrastructure. Work on the creation of transit spaces for passenger boarding and disembarkation began in July. The investment, made from the airport's own funds, aimed to increase the transit space and the operating speed for boarding and disembarking passengers. The construction was made of light metal structure, with insulated glass panels and was received in December. Thus, the terminal expanded with 900 sqm.

Estimates for 2017

For next year, the number of passengers is expected to increase by 48% compared to 2016, traffic reaching approximately 1.700.000 passengers transported, and in 2018 there will be an increase of at least 11% (Airport reaching 2.000.000 passengers per year). It is worth mentioning the percentage increase in passenger volume expected in 2017 compared to 2014, namely 272%.

It is an optimistic estimate, but not difficult to reach. From our information, Blue Air will be based in Timisoara, and Ryanair will allocate another aircraft. New routes will be inaugurated and some of the new destinations planned for 2017: Constanta (from 15 June to 2017), Istanbul (with Turkish Airlines), Dublin (with Ryanair), Copenhagen (with Blue Air), Bratislava (with Wizz Air), Karlsruhe Baden-Baden (with Wizz Air or Ryanair) and Lyon (with Blue Air).

A year is announced with many new routes for Timisoara airport. If we take into account the number of airplanes allocated for the Timișoara bases, several destinations will certainly be announced. 

As we used to, we will announce them and centralize them in the article with new routes 2017.

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