Recommendations for BIAS 2017

We are separated a few hours from the big aviation show in Bucharest. BIAS 2017 will open its doors on 22 in July, starting at 08: 00.

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For Saturday, July 22, meteorologists announce temperatures of 35-37 in the shade, and the thermal discomfort will be increased. Because BIAS 2017 will run throughout the day, we come up with practical tips for reducing thermal discomfort and avoiding the undesirable effects of the heat wave.

Useful and practical tips for BIAS 2017

Wear sunglasses / hats, lightweight clothes, made of natural fibers, light colors.
Drink at least 2 liters of water (mandatory) / fluids, without waiting for the thirst to appear. And even more so if the body demands it.
Do not drink alcohol, not in excess. It promotes dehydration and diminishes the body's ability to fight against heat.
Avoid high caffeine drinks or sugar (carbonated soft drinks). Avoid excess coffee and energizers.
• Avoid, as far as possible, prolonged exposure to the sun. Look for shady places!
• For those who are passionate about photography, 5 recommendations for photographing aircraft at AIRSHOW

As for accessing the BIAS 2017, we recommend using the public transportation, the RATB lines 112, 131, 148, 149, 205, 261, 301, 304, 335, 605, as well as the RATB express 780, 783 lines. This avoids the agglomerations in the region. Parking places are not provided.

See you on 22 July 2017, starting with 08 time: 00, at Aurel Vlaicu International Airport, Baneasa. Public access is through ROMAERO.

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  1. Laura says

    It seems outrageous to me that this air show will take place a few hundred meters from people's homes…. You scared our children !!!! Don't you think at all about the risks that may arise ???? Shame!!!!

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      Hello! Laura, the airport existed there through 1909. Whoever developed houses around the airport had to consider the turmoil and turmoil around him.

      Any functional airport can become a national strategic point, including to support war actions.

      I think you took on these aspects when you bought the house around the airport… Moreover, BBU is in talks to take over some of the air traffic from Otopeni…

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