2018 Lufhansa Group report: 142 of millions of passengers carried

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In 2018, Lufthansa Group airlines carried 142 of millions of passengers, setting a new record for German grouping. Thus, Lufthansa Group is the number 1 in Europe according to the number of passengers carried.

Lufthansa Group airlines have operated over 1.2 million flights and have an average load rating of 81.4%, the best LF of all time.

The most increases were registered at the bases in Zurich (9.5%), Munich (9.3%) and Vienna (8.5%). Passenger traffic also increased from the Frankfurt base, but the growth rate was only 4.7%.

142 millions of passengers carried in 2018

Lufthansa Group includes full-service airlines Lufthansa, Swiss and Austrian Airlines, as well as low-cost operators Eurowings and Brussels Airlines.

The 3 large airlines in the group carried 104 millions of passengers, with 7.4% more passengers carrying than 2017. Aircraft loading was 8.5%, with 0.4 percentage points above 2017.

In the low-cost segment, Eurowings and Brussels Airlines totaled 38.5 million passengers, with 18% more than 2017. The aircraft loading rate was 81.3%, with 1.4% more than 2017.

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