The 2019 air traffic recorded by Flightradar24

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As I have been accustomed to you for 7 years now, the beginning of the year comes with retrospectives and presentations from the aeronautical industry recorded in the previous year. We are at the beginning of 2020, so let's talk a little about the air traffic recorded and monitored in 2019 by Flightradar24.

In short, in 2019, the Flightradar24 monitoring system was with "eyes" on 68.948.849 of flights. Here comes all the flights that could be monitored: commercial, business, charters and even some military flights.

Air traffic 2019

The average was 188.901 of daily flights, up 10% from 2018. The busiest day was July 25, when they were monitored 230.409 of flights. On December 25th they were only 120.212 of flights, being the day with the fewest flights of the year.

Air traffic from 2019

The most watched flight was QF7879, the first flight from Project Sunrise Qantas, which was operated on the New York - Sydney route. Mediate there were 800 people, who watched at least one section of the flight live.

Flightradar24 manages to monitor any aircraft / helicopter with ADS-B transponder on. In 2019, over 700 ADS-B receivers supplied by Flightradar24 were activated worldwide. Plus another 2000 receivers built and installed on a voluntary basis.

And the network is expanding. The more receivers, the better the information provided.

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