BIAS 2019, 24 August 2019, the largest aviation show in 2019

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Officially, BIAS 2019 will take place on 24 August 2019. Save this date to your calendar. Coincidence makes the Bucharest Air Show a fixed place for my birthday. I'm waiting for the presents at BIAS.

Save the date * 24 August 2019

Save the date * 24 August 2019 # BIAS2019

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BIAS is the largest aviation show in Romania. Annually, Bucharest International Air Show & General Aviation Exhibition gathers over 100 planes in Bucharest, in aerial evolutions and exposed to the public, hundreds of pilots and paratroopers, but also thousands of aviation and aviation enthusiasts.

BIAS 2019 - Bucharest International Air Show

As every year, the Romanian Air Club, a BIAS co-organizer, will not be lacking. We will certainly witness impressive developments in aerobatics. The daring and pure talent of pilots from the Hawks of Romania, who are preparing to pilot the Extra 300 planes, will not be lacking!

Photo: Bucharest International Air Show

White Wings - the glider acrobatics team of the Romanian Aeroclub and Blue Wings - skydiving team will be up to par, guaranteeing a new show full of adrenaline!

And in 2019, we expect spectacular developments made by Acrobatic Hunts and Jurgis Kairys, BIAS veterans.


BIAS guest list / Airbus A318 TAROM la BIAS / BIAS 2019 program / Baltic Bees returns to BIAS. An exceptional air show is announced! THE ENTRY IS FREE!

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