BIAS 2019 Program - See the schedule of evolutions at BIAS 2019

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We are separated a few days from the most anticipated aviation show in Romania. BIAS NOTHING will be held on 24 August this Saturday. THE ENTRY IS FREE.

For the 8 consecutive year, the online publication is a media partner at BIAS. Teodor Coman it will represent us much the expected aviation show and will capture in the images the most important moments. I invite you to follow us on Facebook and on instagram.

I introduced you guest list from BIAS 2019, being among them the Baltic Bees band, JAS 39 Gripen and SOKO G2 GALEB. TAROM will fly to BIAS 2019 with Airbus A318 aircraft. The program will not miss the MiG 21 Lancer and F16 aircraft of the Romanian Air Force. Below is the approximate program from BIAS.

BIAS 2019 program

09: 10- SSAVC- Formation Cessna 172, Tecnam, EC 120 Colibti, Formation IAR46, ZLIN, Extra-AR, INCAS Formation BN-2 + Beechcraft
10: 00- MIG 21 Solo-RoAF, IAR330 Formation Puma RoAF, Airbus A318 Tarom + Hawks of Romania
11: 00- Baltic Bees, Jurgis Kairys, SOKO GALEB, White Wings, Hawks of Romania, Parachute Launch 2 AN-2 -AR aircraft, Luca Bertossio, F-16 Flight
13: 35- Training and Solo F-16, MIG 21, IAK-52 Training RoAF, T-Exercise Exercise F-16 + IAR 330 Puma
15: 00- Formation and solo C 27 Spartan, C130 Hercules, AN 30, IAR99, IAR 316 Alouettle solo - RoAF, IAR 46 formation, ZLIN, EXTRA-AR
17: 00- Luca Bertossio, Baltic Bees, Formation and Solo F16 + MIG 21-RoAF, Jurgis Kairys
19: 00- F16 Solo, MDM-1-FOX, L29 Dolphin, Hawks of Romania, IAR 330 Puma, Parachute Launch AN-2, MIG 21 Solo, White Wings, Jurgis Kairys, C27 Spartan

It is an indicative program. We hope that in the coming days we will return with the detailed program much better. It may change depending on the weather conditions or for unforeseen and independent reasons from the organizers.

Acrobatic chess players will not participate in BIAS 2019

Unfortunately, there are some important absences from BIAS 2019. Acrobatic chess players will be missing from this year's edition. Dan Stefanescu, one of the main pilots of the band, participates in an acrobatics championship. We will not even see Andrei Serbu and Laszlo Ferencz, Hawks pilots of Romania.

But the organizers assure us that Jurgis Kairys will close the edition with an exceptional acrobatic performance. The pyrotechnic moments will not be missing.

And, after sensational evolutions at height, the band 3 SUD EST will perform on the stage Bucharest International Air Show & General Aviation Exhibition.

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