25 July 2019, the busiest day. 230 000 flights have been reported

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From year to year and from day to day, air traffic continues to grow. Flightradar24, one of the largest sites that monitors real-time air traffic, reported over 230 000 flights in 24 hours.

Specifically, 25 July 2019 proved to be the busiest in aviation history with 230 000 of monitored flights. The day before, on 24 July, over 225000 flights were reported. And it is not excluded that these figures will be exceeded in the near future.

Over 230 000 flights

Flightradar24 monitors almost everything that flies, at least on the commercial and civil aviation side. At the time of publication of this article, over 15500 aircraft were flying around the world.

On 1 July 2018, we published one for the first time report on single-day passenger air traffic. On that day, Flightradar24 reported just over 202000 flights. Here, in one year, the number of flights increased by about 14%.

Note that Flightradar24 can monitor all these flights with the help of special equipment, which captures the signals emitted by modern aircraft. We focus on commercial and civil flights. There are undetectable flights, especially military ones, but we are not interested.

Have clear sky and smooth flight!

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