25 years of Parallel 45, 25 years of tourism in Romania

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Travel agency Parallel 45, general tour operator and one of the largest producers of circuits in Romania, celebrates 25 years since receiving the authorization of operation and since the opening of the first and main headquarters of the agency, the one of Elisabeta Boulevard. With a turnover of 40 million at the end of 2014, Parallel 45 aims to reach 45 million in the year 2015.

Alin Burcea

“For 25 we have been making a difference in tourism for years. 45 Parallel Agency is a dream come true of a graduate of the Faculty of Tourism. In 1990 we set up the agency together with Adrian Grigorescu, both of us putting high hopes in its future and wishing us to be roadblowers, once we were released from the communist regime. After 25 years, when we have offered vacations in many destinations, we are proud to see that Romanians trust us and that our experience can bring them the most beautiful vacations. Currently we have surpassed 100 of circuits in the portfolio, we have expanded the number of agencies and I am sure this year will be a special one for us ” Alin Burcea, President Parallel 45.

During the press conference, the special guests gave a short speech about what it means for each 45 Parallel.

"I want from a travel agency to take responsibility for the holidays I go to, and this is fixed what I found at Parallel 45. A serious and responsible team that treats the tourist with respect, ”he said Monica anghel.

„Alin Burcea is a pioneer of Romanian capitalism. A man who helped the Romanian state and government, regardless of ideology, to do their job. Because without professionals this cannot be done ”, he explained Mircea Geoană.

“Parallel 45 has made history in tourism. At 25 for years I address Mr. It was a challenge. Together we train young people to follow us, to change the face of the industry a little ”, he mentioned Dear Anastasiu, The owner of Eurolines Group.

“I believe that the true history of Romania is made by coaches like Alin Burcea. Now 25 for years being an entrepreneur was an exotic thing, now it's a normal thing. I congratulate Mr. Burcea and the employers, the VAT of 9% is a victory of theirs ”, declared Florin Jianu.

"I remember what Alin Burcea told me at one point: it is not important if you have an idea, but it is important to make others believe that this is their idea and put it into practice," he said Marian Constantinescu.

In 2015, they aim to increase the number of circuits and charters in the portfolio, but also of their own agencies. Also, the Parallel 45 vision includes the easiest access for Romanians to holidays by increasing the number of departures from most major cities in the country. Among the new destinations of 2015 are Rimini in Italy, Costa Blanca in Spain, departures to Antalya from Craiova, but also tours to India & Bhutan or Australia & New Zealand.

Many of the over 100 circuits offered by Parallel 45 have departures from the big cities that have the airport. For example, the circuits in Israel have, starting from 2014, departures and from Iasi, Cluj, and the circuit in Spain can be accessed from Craiova. From Constanta you can go directly to Turkey and Thailand, and from Cluj to Tunisia. From 2014 Chisinau entered the Parallel 45 tourism map through charter with direct departure to Antalya, Crete and Mallorca. Chisinau also has vacations in Dubai, Barcelona, ​​Lisbon, Vienna and Budapest.

Let's go back to 25 for years by Parallel 45, and below are some interesting statistics:

Happy birthday to many tourists, Parallel 45!

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