25 of canceled flights from / to Henri Coandă Bucharest Airport (6 January 2017)

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Pe Henri Coandă International Airport Bucharest and Bucharest International Airport Băneasa Aurel Vlaicu, the air traffic is conducted in winter conditions, with abundant snow and gusty winds.

Some flights may have delays in take-off, determined by the need to defrost the aircraft, delays that can reach or exceed one hour and even more.

25 of canceled flights

Due to the adverse weather conditions in Romania, Wizz Air canceled the races: 3001/3002 Bucharest - London - Bucharest, 3051/3052 Bucharest - Paris - Bucharest, 3081/3082 Bucharest - Charleroi - Bucharest, 3201/3203 Bucharest - Stockolm - Bucharest, 3091/3092 Bucharest - Dortmund - Bucharest, 3494/3493 Bucharest - Cluj - Bucharest, 3171 Bucharest - Madrid, 3145 Bucharest - Rome.

Ryanair canceled the races 435/436 Timisoara - Bucharest - Timisoara. LOT canceled the flights 645/646 Bucharest - Warsaw - Bucharest. And the national company TAROM has canceled flights due to severe weather conditions in Romania: 627/628 Bucharest - Oradea - Bucharest, 702 Iasi - Otopeni, 607/608 Bucharest - Timisoara - Bucharest and 647/648 Bucharest - Cluj Napoca - Bucharest.

Bucharest National Airports Company recommends that passengers take the necessary steps to arrive at the airport on time. If you have flights these days, we recommend you to be interested in real time about their situation, the most directly indicated to the airline.

If you have had tickets on canceled flights, contact the airline operators for rerouting or requesting your money rights.

On both airports of the Capital, we constantly intervene with our own machines to maintain the movement surface in optimal conditions.

The runways, platforms and lanes of the aircraft are open and operational, and the conditions for the safe operation of the air operations are ensured.

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