28 million Australian dollars, accidentally in the account of a Qatar Airways passenger. Find out the story!

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We start with a classic question, but very important in the context of this story. What would you do with 17 million EURO? Better said! What would you do if you received 17 million EURO (28 million Australian dollars) in your account?

28 million Australian dollars, by mistake, in the account of a Qatar Airways passenger

 Jessica Tam, one of the Qatar Airways passengers affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, but at the same time a very lucky woman. He had a business class flight on Jakarta - London, which was canceled due to the pandemic, and the reimbursement from Qatar Airways was to be in the amount of 2800 Australian dollars (AUD).

It just woke up with 28 million Australian dollars, which is just over 17 million EURO. Jessica posted an account statement to prove her story. And the investigation began.

erroneous refund qatar airways

Jessica Tam paid the ticket in Indonesian rupiah. And instead of receiving 28 Indonesian rupiah, received A $ 28. Jessica's joy lasted 179 hours. Following the investigation, the error was fixed immediately and the amount in the account was corrected. And in addition to the $ 000 million withdrawn from Jessica's account, the bank also withdrew the exchange rate fee.

While some wait for weeks to be reimbursed for unpaid plane tickets, others experience unique and exciting moments.

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