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I have been online for over 10 years. I am a self-taught person and I like to learn, evolve and put into practice what I have learned. This is how, over time, we developed several online projects, and one of the monetization channels was based on affiliation. I studied and put into practice, as I got better, the ones learned about sites and affiliation.

On the Romanian market, I use 2 affiliate platforms, and in today's article I will express my point of view regarding the 2performant network, once recognized as 2parale. And the focus will be on tourism affiliation.

I admit that I did not invest much in affiliation and I can not boast of amazing results, but I have gained and earn through this performance-based monetization system, 

Since 2012, I dedicate a large part of my time to this project - Airlinestravel.ro - a site about aviation and travel. And also since 2012 I am looking for a good affiliation system in the tourism area. 

It was a good time when Vola was active on the network 2performant. What I was looking for was to fix the sale of air tickets through my site. The results were not delayed and I even won well in a relatively short period.

3 things to appreciate at 2performant

It was also the time when I interacted best with the 2performant platform and I was able to understand it better.

First, I appreciate the ease with which I can manage my campaigns. In collaboration with Vola, we used banners, I also used affiliate links inserted in articles. I easily generated the links, but I couldn't see the statistics for them.

Appreciate how they can see the commissions recorded, paid, canceled, the revenue recorded. Moreover, I really like the quick and easy way I can apply for payment. One click and in a few days I have the money in my account.

These are perhaps the main 3 positive aspects that I appreciated and appreciate at 2performant. And I am convinced that they have contributed to my results on this platform. 

Affiliation in tourism

After Vola retired from the 2performant network, I was unable to find the recipe for success in tourism affiliation anymore. I started investing more time in articles, testing some existing campaigns on the 2performant platform, but I'm still looking for the right combination.

In Romania, on the airline segment, there is no good affiliate system. And on the general tourism, 2performant does not have too many strong partners, with notoriety that will generate results.

I think 2performant should get more involved, search and network for more big players in the travel and airlines industry. They can be travel agencies or airlines. There is room for growth in this niche and I am convinced that there will be no shortage of publishers. Personally, I know over 100 of blogs and sites niche on travel, which could make money from affiliation on the Romanian market.

3 things to improve at 2performant

And if I'm at the moment of truth, I would like to mention a few less pleasant aspects on the 2performant platform.

At the banner area, I would appreciate it filtering could be better. For example, in the categories I found "back to school" written in 2 variants, "black friday" written as each partner wanted. I would propose a standardization set by the platform and each advertiser tick the desired category, and publishers to find all the banners under the selected category.

The general menu would make it a little better. It's ok how the categories are defined, but within them I would recommend making some optimizations.

In the affiliate area, I would like to see the results of the links generated by me as an affiliate. If there is this area, I have not identified it. I emphasize these statistics, not just banners. I recommend some changes in the "tools" area where it is not very clear to me. Let the menu be a little more orderly and intuitive, maybe better explained in some situations.

Currently in the area "Influencer marketing" I like. Through 2performant, agencies and brands can buy awareness and content marketing. And we, the publishers, can deliver that. I hope the platform will attract as many partners, especially from the tourism area :). It is a very good intermediation between big companies and small publishers. So far I have no objections. Let's see how the situation will look after I run the first campaigns through the platform.

 And the 3 thing on the list of recommendations is about aesthetics :). Maybe it should be done a new design, at least in the affiliate area. Visually, I recommend an improvement. The slightly larger writing, the more orderly information. Things of finesse. I admit that I have little to blame for anything else.

That being said, I will continue to use 2performant and will continue to seek the recipe for success in tourism affiliation. 🙂

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