3 amusement parks on the Romanian coast, in 2016

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I have been traveling for a long time, but for 4 years I have done it more often and more documented. I admit that the sea is not my strength. I have my origins in Dobrogea, born and raised on the Danube, a few tens of kilometers high.

But that doesn't mean I totally ignore it. In summer I like to spend a few days at the seaside, to bathe in the heat of the sun, to relax, but also to have fun.

3 amusement parks along the coast

As much as we travel, sometimes we also need a vacation where we can do nothing. At such times, I prefer all inclusive hotels and amusement parks.

In recent years, the Romanian coast has begun to come to life, to have a dynamic development, and investors to allocate resources for entertainment activities. They began to understand that the sea does not just mean beach and accommodation. Tourists need different activities. We come to your support with the recommendation of 3 amusement parks to try in 2016.

PARADIS Land - Adventure park in Neptune

Paradise Land

First on the list is PARADIS Land - Neptune Adventure Park - because it's something else by the sea. It is a challenge to get moving and to test your limits. The park is located in Neptune, in the middle of the Comorova forest. 11 routes with different degrees of difficulty were built. But the park can be an ideal place to spend a day with friends and practice various other activities. Last year I wrote 5 reasons to go to PARADIS Land, which is unchanged for 2016.

Eforie Aqua Park

Presentation EFORIE AQUA PARK Eforie Nord on videoguide.ro

In the summer of 2015, during a tour on the Romanian coast, I had the pleasure to discover Eforie Aqua Park. Located between Belona Beach in Eforie Nord, Hotel Europa and Lake Belona, ​​Eforie Aqua Park covers a considerable area and offers fun grounds for around 4000 people. For 2016, Eforie Aqua Park comes with a number of improvements, including 2 new large slides and a new jacuzzi pool. The series of unique events will continue, spiced with special guests and incendiary shows. Eforie Aqua Park is also home to restaurants, terraces and bars.

Aqua Magic Mamaia

Aqua Magic Mamaia remains one of the main attractions on the Romanian coast. It is not new, but it is visited by tens of thousands of tourists due to its attractions. Don't miss it either in 2016. It is considered a children's paradise, but also an amusement park for older "children".

Aqua Magic Mamaia

For more information, call Paradis - Dream Vacation with confidence and take advantage of the offers.

Also for fun: Herghelia from Mangalia, Telegondola from Mamaia or Delfinariul from Constanţa.

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