March 3 in aviation: first trip to the Orient, Apollo 9, plane crash.

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On March 3, 1914, pilot Marc Bonnier landed at Issy-de-Moulineaux after returning from a long voyage east. On his return to France he was greeted with trumpets and trumpets by a committee composed of prominent representatives of the ministries of war, navy and public works.

During his journey east, Marc Bonnier left Paris for Cairo, Egypt. They began their journey on November 10, 1913, taking off from Villacoublay airfield and arrived in Cairo on January 1, 1914. A journey he undertook with the mechanic Joseph Barnier.


The trip was made with a monoplane aircraft from the workshops of Nieuport, powered by a Gnome engine and Oleo spark plugs.

Other aviation events on March 3.

The longest flight ever by a Royal Air Force aircraft.


On March 3, 1960, the longest flight ever by a Royal Air Force (RAF) aircraft took place. It was completed when a Vickers Valiant B.Mk.1 aircraft (series no. XD858) piloted by Sqdn. Ldr. JH Garstin flew around the British Isles for a total distance of 8.500 miles, aided by two refuelings on board.

Apollo 9 begins.

On March 3, 1969 begins the mention of Apollo 9, the second manned launch of a Saturn V rocket, launched into space to spend 10 days in lower Earth orbit to test the behavior of the lunar module.

Turkish Airlines Flight 981 crashes in France.

On March 3, 1974, Turkish Airlines Flight 981, a Douglas DC-10, crashed in the Ermenonville Forest near Senlis, France, after the loading door in the rear floor opened during the flight. All 346 passengers and crew on board died.

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