3 days of discounts from Qatar Airways

3 discount days from Qatar Airways: Dubai from 355 EUR, Mumbai from 460 EUR, Singapore from 482 EUR, Hong Kong from 481 EUR, Shanghai from 476 EUR

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Make 2014 the year you will realize your dream trips with special rates. After TAROM, KLM, Turkish Airlines, TAP Portugal and British Airways, the carrier's turn came Qatar Airways to announce 3 days of discounts to 130 destinations worldwide.

Until 22 January 2014, you can buy your tickets and save on both Economy and Business Class fares for all year round trips. Places are limited, and the promotion is subject to terms and conditions (readable). The fares are valid for flights departing from Bucharest (round trip and taxes included).

Below is a selection of promotional fares to top Qatar Airways destinations
From the almost complete By Business Class *
(All-inclusive rates)
Economy Class *
(All-inclusive rates)
Bucharest Bangkok 1,928 EUR 546 EUR
Bucharest Bali 2,567 EUR 706 EUR
Bucharest Columbo 1,597 EUR 576 EUR
Bucharest Hong Kong 2,010 EUR 481 EUR
Bucharest Kuala Lumpur 1,926 EUR 546 EUR
Bucharest Maldives 2,320 EUR 553 EUR
Bucharest Melbourne 2,839 EUR 905 EUR
Bucharest Perth 2,838 EUR 904 EUR
Bucharest Singapore 2,259 EUR 482 EUR
Bucharest Shanghai 2,005 EUR 476 EUR
Bucharest Tokyo 2,177 EUR 543 EUR
More destinations!

I did a few simulations and the rates are confirmed. There are many periods when you can find promotional rates. You can schedule your summer vacation, autumn getaway, winter weekend. The travel period must be somewhere between 26 January - 17 December 2014 (except for the period 24 July - 13 September 2014).

Bucharest - Dubai

Bucharest - Dammam

Bucharest - Ho Chi Minh City

Bucharest - Kathmandu

I was looking for promotional rates and pleasant trips!

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