300 EURO for the subscriber with the 300.000 number of the WIZZ Discount Club

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Wizz Air registered the subscriber with the 300.000 number of the WIZZ Discount Club. The program was introduced just two years ago, in March 2011, and the number of members has grown steadily. The WIZZ Discount Club was created especially for loyal customers traveling in groups or with families and buying more than one Wizz Air ticket per year. Registration (available on guarantees a discount of 10 EURO on all Wizz Air flight segments, when fares are higher than 12.50 EURO. Club members and up to 9 family members or friends traveling at the same time can benefit from even greater discounts by being loyal and traveling more often using Wizz Air accessible services. There is no discount reservation limit.


To date, 300.000 of Wizz customers have become WIZZ Discount Club members and benefit from the lower rates offered by the club. People from 160 from countries around the world have signed up, confirming the popularity of Wizz Air and beyond the flight network. The WIZZ Discount Club is very popular with customers in the UK and Poland, followed by those in Hungary, Romania, Ukraine, Italy and Germany.

Lucky 300.000 number, Stepan Romaniv, has signed up for WIZZ Discount Club through Wizz Air for iPhone. Born in Ukraine, he now lives and works in London. The affordable Wizz Air fares and the direct flights to Kiev were the perfect combination for Stepan to fly for the first time in his life and to visit his family and friends after 8 years spent abroad. Now he will be able to travel even more often after Wizz Air has credited his membership account with the amount of 300 EUR that can be used to purchase tickets.

Stepan Romaniv, happy: “It is the first flight of my life. So far I have chosen to travel by bus or car, making it more accessible. Wizz Air fares and direct connection with Ukraine have changed my options. A few years ago I would have been surprised if someone had told me that living in the UK, I could get on a plane to see my family almost weekly and with WIZZ Discount Club the rates are even more affordable. I am sure that from now on I would rather fly than go with another transport that takes a lot of time. ”

"The WIZZ Discount Club program is steadily growing in popularity across Europe and across borders, offering considerable discounts for frequent trips. It's a perfect solution for families because a WIZZ Discount Club member can purchase up to 9 discount tickets for the same flight. We are pleased to congratulate Stepan and look forward to registering important new thresholds for WIZZ Discount Club members in the future ”- said Daniel de Carvalho, Corporate Communications Manager Wizz Air.

The annual WIZZ Discount Club subscription can be purchased on or through the call center at a price of only 135 RON.

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