36 flights connect Bucharest to Tel Aviv every week

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Following the reopening of Israel for all tourists regardless of their vaccination status, the country is preparing for a new stage in the development of tourism, which involves attractions, accommodation and international flights. The route Bucharest - Tel Aviv was before the pandemic one of the busiest air routes, with 9 companies operating up to 60 flights a week.

36 flights a week connect Bucharest with Tel Aviv

Six airlines fly today from Bucharest to Tel Aviv, taking off from Tel Aviv each day in about 5 flights. Prices are pre-pandemic; they start from 90 euro / person and can reach 250 euro / person for certain more requested time intervals. However, the potential of the market has not yet been reached, as in 2020, before the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, more than 60 flights to Tel Aviv were operated weekly.

Passengers have the opportunity to fly with low cost airlines such as Wizz Air, smart cost airlines such as Blue Air or to choose a airline company such as El Al or Tarom. The route is also covered by the companies Israir and Arkia, used mainly by Israeli citizens traveling to Romania. The flight takes approximately 2,5 hours and is one of the shortest flights to the Middle East.

New hotels in Israel

Tourists preparing to visit Israel this year can opt for accommodation at many hotels that have already resumed full-time business. For example, the Hod Dead Sea Hotel on the shores of the Dead Sea has already opened its doors and welcomed its first guests. Part of the Herbert Samuel hotel chain, the property has 205 rooms and villas in the northern part of Ein Bokek.

Looking ahead to the coming years, 2025 is set to be full of launches, including 7MINDS Desert Resort, Fattal Group's boutique hotel chain, scheduled to open its doors to tourists in 2025 in the Judean desert. The same hotel chain will open a five-star hotel, Sea of ​​Galilee, with Kibbutz Ein Gev in 2025. The property, which will be located on the shores of the Sea of ​​Galilee, will have 120 rooms.

$ 35 million investment in tourism infrastructure development

Investments in the tourism industry will continue as previously announced by the country's officials. The Wailing Wall, one of Israel's most iconic attractions, has been approved for infrastructure upgrades. In order to facilitate access to public transportation for tourists visiting the Wailing Wall, as well as access for people with disabilities, the Municipality of Jerusalem and the Israeli Ministry of Tourism have decided to allocate a budget of over $ 35 million.

Access to Israel for vaccinated and unvaccinated tourists: COVID PCR test before travel and PCR performed upon entry into the country, plus PLF

From March 1, 2022, tourists of all ages can enter Israel regardless of vaccination status against COVID-19. The only condition imposed by the Israeli state will be two PCR tests, one performed before the flight and the other on landing in Israel. Until the arrival of the result or maximum 24 hours, tourists will have to isolate themselves at the address they will declare, and antigen tests will not be accepted.

In order to streamline travel in Israel and to ensure that tourists are properly informed about the requirements to be met before and during the trip, the Israeli Ministry of Tourism has also created a website dedicated to travel conditions in the context of COVID. It can be accessed at this link: https://israelsafe.com.

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