Over 39 000 new aircraft needed over the next 20 years (Boeing estimates)

Over 39 000 new aircraft needed over the next 20 years (Boeing estimates)

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At the FARNBOROUGH aviation show, Boeing comes with estimates about the aircraft manufacturing market. I wrote about Airbus estimates, and now let's see what Boeing estimates say.

If the European manufacturer estimates the need for new aircraft at 33 000 units, Boeing is optimistic and estimates a need for 39 000 aircraft for the next 20 years. Their cost was assessed at 5.9 trillions of dollars.

Boeing aircraft, estimates, 2016-2035

Boeing expects significant growth in low-cost airlines, and demand for single-aisle aircraft will be very high. The American aircraft manufacturer estimates that over 28 000 new single-aisle aircraft will be delivered to 2035, a market valued at nearly 3 trillions of dollars. In this regard, Boeing is ahead of the Boeing 737 MAX and Boeing 737NG.

And the widebody aircraft market is growing, Boeing forecasting demand for 9100 of large and very large aircraft. Their value was estimated at about 2.9 trillion dollars.

As for the evolution of the air transport markets, ASIA-Pacific will be the growth engine. For this region, Boeing estimates demand over 15 000 for new aircraft. Other estimates for the next 20 years: Europe - 7570 new aircraft; North America - 8330 new aircraft; Middle East - 3310 new aircraft; Latin America - 2960 new aircraft.

The information is based on an estimate of passenger traffic increasing by 4.8% per year.

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