4 African airlines want to set up a regional alliance

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Globally, they are 3 air alliances large and wide: Skyteam, Star Alliance and Oneworld. They have succeeded in attracting dozens of airlines on the 6 continents. All in all, the 3 alliances cover over 3000 destinations from about 200 destinations.

Only one problem. The 3 alliances do not have many airlines in Africa. Ethiopian Airlines and South African Airways are in the Star Alliance.
Kenya Airways is on SkyTeam. And Royal Air Maroc joins OneWorld.

Air Alliance in Africa

South African Airways, Kenya Airways, Air Mauritius and RwandAir have been discussing for several months to lay the foundations for a new airline alliance.

From the information published in the press, the 4 African companies are in the last hundred. They put the ideas of the business in order and intend to launch the alliance before March 2019.

Through this alliance, African airlines want to improve their profitability, to have codeahra flights, but also to share their experiences for a harmonious development. The main purpose of the alliance is to develop connectivity in the region.

The African continent is facing difficulties in the development of the aeronautical sector. Many of the African companies fly to the limit of international regulation.

The fierce competition, the high operating fees, the price per barrel of oil, but also the lack of African airport infrastructure, make aviation much slower than the rest of the world. Many African carriers do not have the right to fly to Europe, Asia, the Middle East. And many of them have profitability problems.

Will the 4 airlines succeed in revitalizing the aviation sector in Africa? Or better to open the doors of big air alliances?

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