40% increase in January 2015 at Iasi airport

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Iasi Airport has a very good evolution, especially during the last 2 years, and continues the upward trend in terms of passenger traffic. January 2015 increased nearly 40% compared to January 2014.

The statistical data for January, although a month unfavorable from the commercial point of view and of the traffic of passengers, show an increase of almost 40% of the total number of passengers boarded and disembarked in Iaşi.

"The number of passengers who passed through Iasi Airport in January is really impressive compared to the figures recorded last year and throughout the history of the Iasi airport, so we want to thank all those who chose to travel through us. Now we all begin to realize the fundamental role of the new runway - take-off, endowments with state-of-the-art equipment and increasing the operating category in low visibility conditions. We are beginning to understand that the future of Iasi Airport, of our local and regional community is directly linked to everything we have done and we continue to do here, for the good of our community.

We want the whole year 2015 to know this extraordinary dynamic and we will do everything in our power to succeed, this being possible by improving the existing products at this time and by opening new routes to new destinations. Year 2015, next to year 2014, I think they will enter the history of Iasi Airport and the entire community as the turning years for a sustainable development.
Iasi Airport is at this moment, from all points of view, the regional airport of Moldova, which in the immediate future will answer all the demands of the passengers of the region and the standards of airport security and security ”, declared Mr. Marius BODEA, President of the Airport Management Board Iasi

Statistical data recorded in January of the 2015 year and in January of the past years:

2015 -22.550 Feet
2014 -16.928 Feet
2013 -12.208 Feet

We remind you that in the first part of 2015 there will be a total of 8 (eight) foreign destinations for passengers in the area of ​​Moldova: to Italy 5 destinations - Rome, Bologna, Turin, Milan (Bergamo), Venice (Treviso); to Austria - Vienna; to Israel - Tel Aviv; to Great Britain - London.

All these destinations are operated by 3 partner airlines of Iasi Airport: TAROM, Austrian Airlines and Wizz Air.

We expect the number of destinations served from the airport in Iasi to increase. The new runway and modern terminals allow the operation of commercial flights in complete safety and at European standards.

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