5 destinations in the world, recognized for gambling

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Gambling has attracted millions of followers since ancient times. Since ancient times, sports betting and gambling have delighted the public all over the world.


There is clear evidence that they were practiced in ancient civilizations, such as China, Egypt or the Roman Empire. For example, the Colosseum in Rome is clear evidence of the bets made by the aristocrats of that time on gladiatorial fights.

Recognized gambling destinations

Then came the elegant casinos, with poker tables, blackjack, slot machines and cabaret. When it comes to famous gambling destinations, I think Las Vegas it is in everyone's mind. But among the gambling, sports betting and casino life enthusiasts, there are many more recognized destinations for this way of entertainment. Below we mention 5 destinations in the world, which are recognized for gambling.

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Vegas is the most famous place in the world with over 70 casinos. The main attraction and area with the most casinos stretches for 4 miles, also known as "The Strip".

Basically, in Las Vegas you can definitely find any type of bet you want to make. If he's not in Vegas, he's nowhere.

Macau, China

In recent years, Macao has gained more and more ground in front of the famous Las Vegas. Being the only area in China where gambling is allowed, and since the Chinese love betting, the Macao area has grown a lot and business has prospered.

Macau is home to the largest casino in the world, The Venetian, which comprises 376.000 square meters of gaming space, 640 gaming tables and 1.760 slots.

London, England

London is a gambling paradise without rigid laws against it. Anyone (over the age of 18) can bet on almost anything.

Visit some of the most elegant and special casinos (such as The Ritz Club or The Hippodrome).

At the same time, Londoners are among the greatest practitioners of online pacanele games from the UK. No wonder the British travel a lot in search of entertainment.

Monte Carlo, Monaco

When you think of Monte Carlo and gambling, images of James Bond come to mind. Where Vegas can be elegant and extravagant, Monte Carlo is opulent and luxury, which makes us see here the most sophisticated, rich and elegant players.

Despite the fact that Monaco hosts the Grand Prix of the Principality of Monaco in Formula 1, one of the most famous sports in the world, sports betting on F1 is not allowed. However, the event is worth watching.


If you need another reason to visit Aruba, apart from the white sandy beaches and blue water, then exotic casinos would be it. Nicknamed the "Caribbean Vegas", Aruba has everything you could ever want from a gambling destination.

During this period it is more complicated to travel or bet through casinos, so there are also online options.

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