5 gadgets in my luggage

5 gadgets in my luggage

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Travel ... the most beautiful passion! Practically over 5 years and I have more to discover on this Earth, but also to learn from the most experienced. All this time, I came up with a small travel kit with the essential gadgets. I think each one of us has its own set of goals.

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Below I mentioned 5 gadgets in my range:

1. Smartphone
Smartphone / Smart phone has become the most important accessory in a journey. In addition to the basic function, that of communicating with people at a distance, the smartphone has become the main camera provided. For this reason, the phone must come equipped with a good camera in order to capture the most beautiful snapshots. The battery is just as important. When traveling, we know when to leave the hotel, but we don't know when to get to an outlet.

2. External battery
O External battery it is always useful and does not take up much space in the luggage. Provides extra smartphone autonomy. I have a 8000 mAh battery, but it's good to have even more capacity.

3. External hard disk
External hard disk I do not miss the luggage. When traveling, I have the habit of taking many pictures and filming different scenes. I often combine relaxation with work and do not miss the opportunity to photograph planes or film a landing / take-off. I got over 2TB of multimedia content and keep it on external hard drives. The SSD in the laptop is not that spacious.

4. Laptop
Laptop represents my office. Even though I go on a relaxing trip, I don't miss the laptop. Be! Online does not take a break.

5. headphones
headphones I am missing my luggage! In my travels, especially when I have flights, I don't go without a helmet. I have moments when I like to "isolate myself" in my music, away from the road or plane.

I recently got a universal socket adapter. It will probably fit in the travel kit. Above I have listed 5 important gadgets, which I do not miss from my travels, but on the way I go with many more, plus different accessories.

What gadgets do you take on your travels?

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