5 less known aircraft information

The world of aviation is full of mysteries, both for true and amateur enthusiasts. How many of you know if a plane can turn its back on itself, if the windows in the cockpit open or what is the real reason there are window cleaners? Fortunately, there are simple answers!

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Oana Cristiana Groza looked for answers to some questions in the world of aviation, especially regarding airplanes. You've seen that many airplanes have wipers, but why? But can airplanes stand alone with their backs? But how do we stand with superstitions? The answers are below :).

Less known information about airplanes

Yes, airplanes can stand alone with their backs

Most aircraft have this capability, using, for example, instruments that redirect the force emitted by the engines to move behind.


However, it is a maneuver that involves the use of a very large amount of fuel and produces a very loud noise, which is not okay for companies that choose to be environmentally friendly.

In addition, the engines are worn out faster, there is a risk that all kinds of things will be admitted to the engines, and for ground personnel it is not a pleasant tactic either.

Thus appeared the pushback procedure, the planes being pushed with special tractors / tugs. Airplanes are pushed into the safety zones where the engines can be started.

However, the planes Boeing C-17 Globemaster III I use the powerback (powerback) to hit my back

Wipers are used for… visibility!

Most modern aircraft, which are currently produced, have a film on the surface of the windows to repel water. Along with this, the air force acting on the windows helps to clean them, but there is also a need for wipers to remove water or snow from the windows of the cockpit.

These are more useful on the ground. The pilots must have very good visibility, so no effort is too high!

On a Boeing 737 there are wipers that operate at 3 intervals: from 6 / 7 movements per minute and up to 160 or 250 movements per minute. If they do not go and the weather is extremely unfavorable, the aircraft may not even be allowed to take off.

The windows in the cockpit can be opened

Yes, they can be opened, but not all. On a Boeing 737, only two of the six windows can be opened by sliding. The reason for this equipment is, in addition to the occasional need for fresh air :), that pilots can leave the aircraft if the access door can no longer be used.

It is also useful in communication for ground staff. No need to worry, the windows are very well closed and will not be opened during the flight!

Some aircraft do not have B and E seats

In smaller aircraft, such as the Fokker 70 or Embraer 190, as well as in certain Business classes, you may find only A, C, D and F. locations. Why? Given that there are only two rows, with 2 seats each, it was considered easier for them to be named so, as most travelers are used to A and F being the window seats, and C and D being those from the aisle. Simple, right?

Line 13 does not exist because of superstition

Many airlines choose to avoid the 13 line. There has been a negative association with this number and we really don't want to bring bad luck on board, right? Surprisingly though, black cats are allowed in the cabin! :)

If you have any questions about airplanes, regardless of the nature of the questions, please leave them in the comments and we'll look for answers :).

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