5 things to do one day in Bergamo

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On 30 October 2015, taking advantage of the Ryanair offer, part of the AirlinesTravel.ro team traveled one day to Bergamo. I found plane tickets to 18 EURO, return flights the same day. I landed at 11: 00, local time, and took off at 18: 35, local time. On this occasion, I personally marked two premieres: I flew for the first time with Ryanair and arrived for the first time in Bergamo.


We did not have an established route nor did we want to go to Milan, the only purpose of the trip being the flight. But as we arrived at the destination for about 6 hours, we chose to stay in Bergamo and enjoy the wonderful autumn day. I present to you 5 things we did in Bergamo!

In the "Arrivals" terminal of Bergamo's Orio al Serio International Airport, you will find a tourist information center where you can buy travel tickets, maps and get the tourist information you want. We bought a ticket pass valid for 24 hours on all means of transport in Bergamo, including the transfer route from the airport to the city and back, but also by funicular, and its price was 5 EURO.

Visit to Citta Alta fortress

1. The first thing I did after arriving in Bergamo was to take the funicular to Citta Alta, the city of Bergamo. I did not imagine that Bergamo, a city close to the metropolis of Milan and more recognized as a destination for low-cost operators, can hide such a medieval fortress.


Climbing into the upper town, as this place is still recognized, as if I had walked somewhere in the past, and time stopped in place. You will find narrow streets, buildings with impressive architectures, 2 Italian markets, shops and restaurants arranged in the classic local style.

I admit that I'm not a fan of buildings, but Citta Alta really impressed me.

INFORMATIVE NOTE: The transfer from the airport to Bergamo took 15-20 minutes. The journey from the airport to Citta Alta took about 25 minutes. Getting on the cable car takes about 2-3 minutes.

Lunch at Citta Alta

2. Arriving at noon, we preferred to have lunch at one of them restaurants in Citta Alta, located in a small market. I chose a terrace arranged in the old Italian style, as if it was broken today. I preferred a serving of seafood pasta and cooled down with a beer. Obviously the rates are slightly higher compared to those in Bergamo, but we do not reach the city of Bergamo every day.


INFORMATIVE NOTE: My menu cost about 20 EURO.

Panorama with Bergamo from Citta Alta fortress

3. Then I walked her through the city until I got to the places of panorama, which offers spectacular views over the city and the entire region. We enjoyed a wonderful weather, with 20 degrees and plenty of sunshine.


Pedestrian tour in Bergamo

4. Time was limited, but we made the most of it. After I got out of the city, I made a short pedestrian tour through Bergamo, during which time I had another snack. I liked to take the pulse of a small Italian provincial town.



Planespotting at Bergamo Orio al Serio International Airport

5. Around 17: 00 we headed for the airport, the return flight being scheduled at 18: 30. I arrived a little earlier at the airport, I made the formalities for boarding, and then I had some time too planespotting. Upstairs, the airport offers an overview of the platform and runway.



All the madness of a day in Bergamo cost me no more than 50 EURO, all with the plane ticket. And you can enjoy a short getaway to Milan, Rome or Bologna, taking advantage of Ryanair offers. The flights were normal. I had no expectations, I was not particularly impressed. I admit that in their planes I didn't have much room, but I did. The rates on board are decent: 2-3 EURO a chocolate / snack / chips; 2-3 EURO a juice / water; 6 EURO a bottle of wine; 4.5 EURO a box of beer; 3 EURO a hot drink (tea, coffee) etc. I should mention that you have two free luggage, one standard cabin and one small one in the airline fare.

The time was not my friend and it passed rather quickly, but I enjoyed the trip to Bergamo, as long as it was. I didn't even rush to visit, but I didn't linger too much in one place. If you intend to follow in our footsteps, we recommend you!

(PHOTO: Sorin Rusi @ Lenovo Vibe Z2 Pro)

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