5 reasons to book a flight to Las Vegas

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Las Vegas is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world and is on the bucket list of millions of people.


The reasons are many, but gambling and entertainment are the most common. Las Vegas proudly holds the title of Gambling Capital of the World.

Although we currently have very easy access to the best casino games online on the sites of licensed operators, people are still drawn to the experience of real casinos, socializing and the unmistakable atmosphere.

And Las Vegas is one of the most popular and well-known destinations for great casino experiences, especially if you are on your first trip to the destination.

The whole world in one day in Las Vegas

Beyond the association with gambling, Las Vegas has proven many times to be a popular destination also for the many tourist attractions that can be visited and admired at every step. Las Vegas brings together different cultures, shops and iconic buildings from around the world. From gondoliers at The Venetian to authentic Parisian pastries, it's possible to experience aspects of different world cultures with just a few days in Las Vegas.

Sports shows and competitions

Las Vegas hosts numerous Cirque du Soleil shows, shows by famous comedians and magicians, and concerts by great artists. Some of the most popular acts at the moment are Cirque's O and Love, Blue Man Group, Lion King, Cher and Le Reve. In addition to the permanent installations on the Strip, there's always a selection of concerts filling the city's music venues.

In 2023, Las Vegas enters the the Formula 1 competitive calendar, another reason to book your flights to the wonderful destination. On November 18, 2023, the Formula 1 Grand Prix Las Vegas will line up the best drivers and the best monoposts.

Grand Canyon

Despite the heavy focus on the city and nightlife, Las Vegas can be the ideal destination for some explorers. The Grand Canyon is only a 5-hour drive away, and you can enjoy unique experiences on a day trip.

Red Rock Canyon is one of Nevada's wonderful natural features. It gives you a different kind of scenery and the canyon is really magnificent, towering and, well, it really is a gorgeous red.

Night life

Many tourists travel to Las Vegas to enjoy some of the biggest clubs in Nevada. They say what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Other tourists choose Vegas to get married, as it is a place where more than 300 weddings are celebrated every day, about 120 weddings annually. In addition, Las Vegas is not only the city of marriages, but also the perfect city for honeymooners.

In addition to the above, Las Vegas can be a shopping destination, thanks to the large stores in the big hotels. If you still want to see old Vegas, we recommend a walk on Fremont Street. This is a much-loved attraction among all travelers stopping or staying in Las Vegas.

With a retro charm, here you will find various old exhibitions about Las Vegas. Don't be surprised to see shops and restaurants in shipping containers and even a huge aquarium containing five different species of sharks.

Although Las Vegas can be visited all year round, there are some optimal times and these are from March to May and from September to November. Spring and autumn offer you the best weather with moderate temperatures.

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